It is very satisfactory to note that at a recent meeting of the guardians of the St'-and Union the low rate of salary paid to Dr.

When a fracture comes under the care of the surgeon, no time should be lost in carrying out these principles. Hence the necessity for antiseptic mouth washes, the best of which is Permanganate solution. - when, owing to surgical requirements this was deviated marks on the skm were no longer useful.

As the village was burning a German officer whispered to him," Tills is vandalism I" Dr. SHOULD EEACH THE Office not Lateb than Midday Post on Wednesday. Among the Sheffield grinders and in other trades it is already in extensive use, and with tlie increased facilities now available for the conduction of power, by means of electricity and compressed air, there should be no difficulty EXAMINATION AND TRAINING OF SANITARY INSPECTORS. The practice of mercurial inunctions, biniodide of mercury ointment, blistering, ligature of the femoral artery, etc., has been abandoned, and no known drug has any effect upon the causal filariasis or upon the blocked lymphatics. At the same time the organ began to lose its red color and gradually assumed a pale yellowish tinge, the water issuing from the vein losing its red color as the spleen became decolorized. The nerve cord in Zimulus can act as a reflex centre, and Carlson finds that the lateral nerve, when separated and stimulated, gives rise to increased strength of the pulsations, or produces pulsations when the heart is quiescent. At a big out-patient chnic of which I had charge the routine was to apply crude carbolic acid to fresh cuts and similar injuries. In that letter he committed himself to inferences as to the conduct of his superiors, which were construed, and no doubt were, against the spirit of military discipline. She recovered under the use of w'arm baths, vinegar animals to elucidate the treatment, and found that chloral in doses sufficient to produce deep sleep prevented the convulsions, and that ether inhalations exercised a controlling influence over tliem. Of Sodium combined with Iodides in full doses.

The "" tube, ovary, and uterus was ligatured and removed. It is evident from this description that a difficulty may arise in differentiating the orbital swelling from an exostosis, especially in the earlier stage of the affection before a fluctuating area can be palpated.

It is questionable if it is doing a man a service to disarticulate a limb at the hip or a right arn. Edited by William best textbooks on the practice of medicine which we possess.' A consideration of the lecond and last volume leads us lo modify thai verdict and to say ihal the completed woric AN AMERICAN YEAR-BOOK OP MEDICINE AND SURQERY. In a large number of cases it gives a very marked acid reaction.

Iron may be combined with it, but not in doses proportionately large, and it should always be given after a full meal. A county medical officer in private practice, especially under the conditions which prevail in Scotland, is a contradiction in terms.

Organic phosphorus and Glycerophosphates are less objectionable.

The methods of examination have been rendered easy and sure, and it remains for us as protectors of the public health and safety, to do all in our power to aid the management of our railways and ships to eliminate this danger from the risks of travel ( The physician should prescribe but a little at a time, let it aditfieult preparation to manage, but he would not do itself; it could be iniployed with the same eifect as till' preparation already iilluded to. - the nursing is undertaken by refugee nuns from Ypres. This is manifested by the reduction of temperature and the rapid onset of crisis. Some of them had suffered exceedingly diuing their transit from the front, some of them were faint from loss of blood.