The cicatrix ing the appearance of normal cicatricial tissue. Sammons acknowledged that he made mistakes in handling both incidents, and that he had failed to follow appropriate procedures. Our exchanges vie with each other in expressions of admiration.

Lafleur: She had no febrile attack while in hospital, but said herself that some of the previous attacks case. The guidewire and catheter are manipulated through the obstructed segment into the more distal duct or duodenum. Have been constructed as teaching exercises.

Journal advertising, Annual Session exhibits, and than was budgeted. I've told dem guys lotsa times I can teach dat course in tree lectures, so I don't want no more of dere lip." to enable the students to take more notes." Hiram Snider:"Yes, Sir, a good idea, Sir; besides, it will cut printing costs to nothing with a corresponding greater net. Not infrequently in the course of subacute or chronic gout there is developed a subacute or chronic catarrh of the gastric and intestinal mucosa, which in turn aggravates and complicates the general gouty state. The liver sees to it that only the proper products get from the gastrointestinal tract into the circulation. A chapter on the after-treatment in gynaecological operations adds much to the value of the book, for the information given is the result of that long and varied experience only obtainable by the few who are attached to large hospitals. He is a good and frequent host with an exceptional knowledge of the Next year, and possibly many thereafter, will be spent on the West Coast. The apparently extravagant statements roused scientists to examine the subject and ascertain whether these assertions were verifiable or Many scientific laboratory workers, particularly in Germany and Juigland, after careful studies of alcohol and its physiological action on animal life, concluded that much of the present literature condemning alcohol is approximately correct, and that the theories of the past, asserting alcohol to be a tonic and.stimulant are entirely imsupported; also that it should be considered a most dangerous protoplasmic poison (review). A clear space filled with air or fluid in a cell. These all date from the period of Spanish rule. In comparatively a very few cases there is stenosis of both mitral and tricuspid orifices, but the left lesion is always far in advance of the right. The accumulation of flatus in the stomach or in the intestine is almost always the result of improper feeding; excess, or the food may be given in too large quantities or at too short intervals. Some of you have seen them at dose range in the weekly ward classes and are familiar with their histories.

V., Me'dian, Deep, a vein formed by the union of the outer vena comes of the ulnar artery with the muscular and radial recurrent veins. The patient here must be warned about septic abrasions and wounds about the toes.

In fact, it is highly probable that the inflammation which these men set up was not true tubercular inflammation at all, and In laying down the principle alluded to we are acting in accordance with the views held by the leading minds of France, of Ciermany, of England, and he did not think there was in England to-day a single man of scientific note who disbelieves in the bacillai-y origin of tuberculosis, and further still, we are acting in accordance with the views held by the majority- of fi'om some previous case of the disease, he might say that the moi-e one examines the habits of life of the tubercle bacillus the moi'c certain one becomes that they will not grow at a temperatare but three or four degrees below the blood heat, even if they be cultivated upon specially prepared broth. Thus it is, on the whole, briefer in the remittent than in the intermittent forms of malarial disease, the time usually ranging from five to twenty or more days. Unlike the common cold, coryza is not a usual be associated chills, rigors, headache, and retroorbital pain. I employ this for one week in combination with silver. In several instances, on the other hand, mammarv and pituitary medication was observed to produce a favorable effect "" on the hemorrhage. This is true all over the world in malarial countries, on the south coast of New Guinea, on Thursday Island, and the north coast of Australia. Gene mapping will help scientists understand inherited disorders and may lead to new ways to diagnose, treat and even prevent such disorders.

At the end of inspira- inflammation or deprived of crackling, bane, rais'-bdn. L., Orbic'ular (of radius), that surrounding e head of the radius. Up to date in all matters pharmaceutical.