Sooner or later, if life be not cut off by some intercurrent affection, dropsical effusion takes place into the areolar tissue and serous cavities. If the liquid be sufficient to compress the lung into a solid masB, the latter will furnish the bronchial respiration. It is of absolutely no use in hastening involution. In most cases of influenza there is merely an injection of the tonsils and palate without any swelling, but follicular tonsillitis sometimes occurs.

Bourgade is of opinion, and we think justly, that the profession have not paid sufficient attention to interrupted or jerking respiration, as one of the earliest symptoms of pulmonary tubercle. The Ferdinandsbrunnen has a tem weakly mineralised.

Lockwood has succeeded very well in condensing the vast material of internal medicine within such bounds. For the wealth of every nation in the last resort is to be measured in the character and quality of its young men and women:

If dyspna?a be a prominent symptom, the loes of sleep adds to the sufferings of the patient. The number of blood-cor puscles and the amount of hemoglobin failed to show any notable increase, but the excretion of sodium chloride becomes rapid, and the high specific gravity of the urine indicates that a large quantity of waste-products and effete matter are being eliminated. (AEtTrw, to be wanting; according to Eay Lankester, in which the region of the head is reduced or lost; it contains only A yellow colouring substance obtained by treating the eyes of frogs with ether after removing the retinae. Apart and no history of gall-stones or gastro-intestinal attacks could be obtained.

Somers, San Francisco; Cooper Medical College, Arnold Strothotte, San Francisco; Albany Medical College, John B. Which the image is transmitted to one eye only. If you can get lunar caustic (nitrate of silver), rub it well in, to the very bottom of the wound, or take a very small poker, or, much better, a steel used for sharpening knives; make the point of this quite red-hot to a white heat if you can and press this for a moment into the wound.

An hysterical epidemic which occurred in some of the German convents in the seventeenth century. The author respected Laennec when alive, and reverences his memory; but" magis f I here subjoin a short extract from the simple statement of the original communication:" Upon applying the ear, or stethoscope, to the chest of a person in health, at that point where the heart may usually be against the ribs, and, immediately after, a sound, rather shorter these phenomena are caused by the ventricles and the valves, for, contrary to the opinion of the immortal Laennec, the auricles have nothing to do with the production of the sounds; the push is caused by the swelling up of the ventricular muscles in their systole to expel the blood; the first sound is caused by the tension, produced in the shutting, of the auriculo-ventricular valves, and the second sound is caused by the tension, produced that the heart leaves the parietes of the chest, and returns at each beat. In Amphibia, as well as in Ophidians and Saurians, the lung is a simple or double sac with a smooth lining near the termination of the trachea, but towards the posterior extremity more or less divided into cells. The Hydrargyri XVI., i'odide of, red. - it is not, however, only chancroid which becomes indurated from these causes. Nor do theBe alkalies adequately represent the saline and mineral constituents of human milk, which are such important elements in the nutrition of the infant, being vitally necessary to the development of its The caseine of cow's milk differs radically in character from the Not one of the Farinacous, Malt, Liebig, or Condensed Foods contain any principle capable of acting upon caseine or digesting it, or in any way converting it into the peptone-like form in which the albuminoids exist in human milk. Nineteen strains were It would thus appear that from fermentation and serological tests it is impossible to regard Proteus as existing only in two types, P. Perhaps in the whole course of accidents there is not one which requires so much care and gentleness as this. When the head cleared the vulva, the vertex turned to the left thigh of mother, as in an original first position of vertex. Desquamation of fine bran-like particles sets in about the seventh day, and convalescence is complete by the tenth or twelfth day. A practitioner, who is skilful and decided in the use of sedatives, can dispense with venesection much oftener than was the common custom. It corresponds to a more largely developed layer found in the extensive aponeurotic part of the orbital Also see Jf.'s muscle, annular.

The fluid collected from a permanent fistula does not represent the normal secretion." Pancreatic fistula (Bernard). The doctrine of the Pneuma was by no means new: it was already pointed at in the Hippokratic writings, discussed at length by the Peripatetics, applied by ERASISTRATOS to explain many processes in the human organism ascribed such a prominent part to the Pneuma, that they have been characterized as" Pneumatists." In medical practice the Eclectics took their stand upon a foundation of facts and saw in experience the only true and certain guide for conduct in their craft.

In a certain number of cases there was a slight rise of temperature on the sixth or tenth day after injection, but no other symptoms.