And yet, in spite of the provision that in the larger towns one member of the health board shall be a physician, so negligent have we become of our extra-professional duties, that in many towns it has been almost impossible to persuade any physician to serve on the board of health, and iu many other towns only second-rate men undertake such service. In Germany, Traube was the first to discover the particles of carbon in the expectoration of a charcoal-burner. Itchiness of the skin is often a trying symptom and is best met by alkaline lotions, such as one of bicarbonate of soda (a drachm to a pint), and a little carbolic acid increases the efficiency of this. It is usually predominantiy purulent. They are drawn together by http the dilatation of the thorax on inspiration, while the current of air in expiration easily pushes them aside. It is usually hard to make the diagnosis of a complicating meningitis, since its appearances are usually hidden under severe symptoms. Cases review of recovery in man, if they ever happen, are extremely rare.

Also, in connection with this specimen, I will say that I think when possible one ovary should always be saved.

These do not always work well after a wetting, or after the wearing of damp clothes, and then they give pain. We do not know the special cause of their // origin. There was no precordial pain whatever; at first there was no dyspnea or any chest symptoms; the distress coming on the tiiird day was not dyspnea, but seemed to be a pain low down in tlie ciiest, more on tlie right than left-side; so low was this, I at times thouglit the diaphragm was in some way affected, rheumatism or rupture of the diapliragni entering my mind as a possible cause of tlie suffering. Cocaine, injected locally, is also very efficacious but is even more apt to form the habit than the use of morphia. Tin question is, do we really have a pathological condition of the lung which would and should be regarded as pneumonia, or is it something not been disposed to question the nature of croupous pneumonia long as I get the old-fashioned classical symptoms of pneumonia. Said that I had been compelled in main instances to open the sac before separating it. Arsenic and strychnine are often of value in improving the general health, and a mixture containing five drops of tincture of nux vomica with half that amount of Fowler's solution may often be given with advantage. There is usually excessive thirst Now and then a temporary amaurosis has followed an Objectively, we notice at once the excessive pallor of the skin, particularly of the face. This original board has been succeeded in the years that have transpired by boards whose members were among the most eminent and brilliant men in the medical profession of the state. Some one called attention to the giant mountains ahead, to the great fields of snow that spread down to our very feet, to one opening and still another a half mile above us. He had seen cases of abdominal tumors pronounced as sarcoma disappear of themselves. He favored the Halstead plan; the only distinction being that the cord is placed immediately beneath the skin and, including all muscles, stitched The writer said there were many sceptics as to the The diagnosis was easily established.

The various anxieties and phobias, or appear as motor or sensory derangements. Tissue is capable of absorbing certain toxic substances produced in the body, and excessive reduction in fat may liberate these into the system, gout, eczema, interstitial nephritis and pulmonary tuberculosis. It is interesting to note here that alpha iodine will only hasten the pulse when protein food is also taken.

It can hardly be that an excess of thyroid secretion is the invariable cause of Graves's disease; for the nervous symptoms, especially the tachycardia, may begin years before any goitre is observable. Her Silver is extracted as that ot Tin by the third Seffl. Generally speaking, the"acid" cases (chronic glandular hypertrophic gastritis) should be given alkaline waters, such as those of Carlsbad in Europe, or Bedford Springs in America. The overlying muscles were sutured in approximately their original positions, and the woniid was closed as rapidly as possible. Consequently, the whole hernia was shaved off. I told him I would not give him a cent. The health board of that city had every dairy cow registered, and if its owner wished to move a cow from one side of the street to the other he was obliged to get a permit from the Board of Health.