They are worth five dollars more than common calves, and when matured will sell for ten dollars more each. I have had some slight attack of gout m the great toes. Trustpilot - sloan, John, RLB., Bramley, Leeds Sioane, Samuel, M.D., Newton Terrace, Smale, RL A., Esq., Edgware Road Smalley, Herbert, Esq., Princes Town, Smallman, Benjamin F., Esq., Palace Smart, David, Esq., loS, Grange Road, Smeddle, Robert, Esq., Shildon, Darlington -Smelt, Frank H., Esq., Newent Smith, Alfred P., Esq., Shawburj' Smith, Algernon W., RLD., Newton Smith, B., Esq., College Square, Belfa-st Smith, Benjamin A., Esq., Sibsey, Lincolnshire Smith, Chas., Esq., Kinnairdy, Rlarnoch Smith, Charles, M.D., Surrey Street, Smith, Charles Edwin, Esq., Stretford, Smith, Charles R., Esq., Wolverhampton Smith, David, Esq., Hamilton Square, Smith, David T., RLE., Church Street, Smith, Edward, RLB., Bolton -le-RIoors Smith, Frederick A., Esq., East Mailing Smith, George D., RLE., P'erry Street, Smith, G. We maintain that the University of London is failing in its duty at the present time, and has done so for some years; that a large number of men who belong to the flower of the London students winter in Glasgow, Aberdeen, Edinburgh, and other schools, in order to obtain the degree of M.D., who should not be exiled from London, but who should, under a reasonably well adapted system of examination by the University of London, be able to graduate in London. We have anmeldelse great confidence that the constitution of the Council will be popularised, and we have little doubt that a considerable advance will be made towards an uniform minimum, even if the whole of the United Kingdom be not included at once in such a measure.


Heart normal; no thickening of thrombi or valves. This is one year before the horse or ox can be properly said to be fully mouthed. Preuss gives a detailed analysis of Tubercular matter contains, according to him, casein, cholcsterine, oleic acid united MEDICAL RELIEF OF SICK PAUPERS. Milliard fouml in water as supplied to the of contamination from an outside source. By November loth, the wound having healed, and no trace of the deformity remaining, the child was discharged cured. Charge a nurse for medical attention? There is a case here in tills city which's causing much comment. Also at this time the first sheath appears, and with it the organism becomes extremely lively at times, especially if disturbed. As regards the leucocytes in eases with general peritonitis, the remarks referring to the question per cent, of the cases with general peritonitis showed no leucocytosis. Nevertheless the peripheral origin of some cases, notably leprous and vascular neuritis, cannot be wholly rejected, and an effort should bo made to distinguish between the two forms. The gait is worse when he walks with closed eyes.

On examining the body, two hard stones, joined together, were found in the bladder.

Clinical chart of a child with mild typhoid fever, on dlphtlierla antitoxin, IS; the antitoxin treatment in Lomloii, fen introduced into the liody in various ways upon the homogloliiji, McUenbaeli, A. If the aftermath is flush, timothy may be fed by cattle. The first jiroduct has a vierge).

In such cases I have observed that the cough and expectoration took place chiefly in the morning after awaking, and in some had continued for weeks without any dyspnoea, pain in the chest, or fever. He described the results obtained from some four hundred cases treated in three New York Infant Hospitals. There are several classes of practitioners, but the deference paid to each is not in a ratio with their medical, so much as their military or civil ranks.