We also now know that, in acute infiammation of the middle-ear, if the drum or the drum and upper posterior meatal wall is freely incised, under the rules of modern antiseptic surgery, that pain is relieved and usually the inflammation and consequent danger of pyemic complication of the mastoid, meninges, lateral sinus et cetera, can be averted provided action is In regard to acute inflammatory conditions of the tympanic cavity would call special attention to those cafies in which the attic or upper part of the tympanum ia severely effected as being the most dangerous. This is the more deplorable when measures as simple as hot douching of the ear will often suffice to cure the disease in its early controllable stage; and a careful use of the Politzer inflation has at times instantly dispelled the symptoms of meningeal involvement, which delay might have made organic and irremediable." The following cases, which came under my observation in the spring or early summer of the past year, illustrate the points brought out in the foregoing extract quite forcibly, and especially show how easy it is to mistake these cases for cases of meningitis, and also show, what is especially referred to in the extract, the close relation between the primary disease, pneumonia, and the complication otitis media: attack of measles of mild character three weeks before the present illness and had "" apparently fully recovered. But unfortunately it is well known that soldiers do not always wait for this authority. We must decide, in the first place, whether there is an associated abnormality of hearing-power. Such an institution might, we submit, be henceforth called a" Hopital Delannoy." It would thus help to preserve a unique reputation, which soon spread over Europe, America, Asia, Africa, and Australia. The early dressing of se'rious wounds was often a cause of infection. The matter of position is important: The prompt removal of all cnses to a suitable hospital does much to limit the a comparatively easy matter to quarantine a case in a private house, it is, in reality, a very difficult matter to accomplish effectively. But the main point to be insisted upon was that, in the study of all affections of the skin occurring in elderly persons, tlte question whether the disease was associated with a gouty constitution shoidd be looked to; for if this were forgotten, treatment would be very likely to fail. The popular belief in the"dum-dum" action of a bullet of this The modem military bullet is a projectile, composed in most cases of a lead core with a nickel jacket. About five years before coming under observation he noticed on the dorsum of his tongue a small white patch, which was hard, but not painful. Finally this crust may scale off, leaving a red, dry surface; this bare tongue is of ill omen, denoting, as it does, extreme prostration and absence of salivary secretion.

If the case is very offensive a formaline lamp may be burnt in the room, care being taken not to render the air too irritating. It' was ascertained that the latter, a most respectable healthy-looking woman, had had two miscarriages, and four years ago had given birth to a stillborn child, which the doctor slated must have The child was said to take its food well, and supposed to be in fair health, but for the dropsy and the"thrush", or eruption on the genitals and buttocks. They for bathing and arrangements for the sale at cost price of small useful articles and comfort supplies.

Under these circumstances, it was determined to try the effect of temporary compression applied directly to the artery was performed. One of his patients suffered from a fecal fistula. U.wgcii may lesiiiin the danger of clilnroform to the mtithers, since the respiration IS always m;K'h slower at;d more.shallow than when ether or nitrijiis o.MilcixyRcn is arfniini'stcreil. - this acts by improving the nervous tone, though in what way we do not know. WHEN SHALL IT BE PERFORMED? WITH A REPORT OF FOUR CASES. Kavenel's experiments are of special interest. On blood serum, cultures approximate in character very closely to those of the human bacillus.

.Ml this implies more rigid training for the medical investigator of the future. These cysts are filled with lymph and the walls are composed of very vascular naevoid material. Very closely to those of the mammalian type in their microscopic appearance and staining reactions, they difier considerably in culture and in results of experimental inoculation. The whole vagina was then packed with pledgets part and glycerin nine parts, which were removed on the following day, and after a vaginal doucne of a gallon of water as hot as could oe oorne the same treatment was recommenoed. The subject is not so much medical as scientific ( We also carried out a further branch of the same experiment in this respect, that pus and inflammatory products were removed from serous membranes and from abscesses, and they also appeared to develope very rapidly into these rods, spheroids, and beaded chains; so that, as far as our experiments went in that direction, they perfectly confirmed Dr. New York lung specialist, has removed The United States government is Just building a general hospital at San plan includes a series of buildings, nineteen in all, covering an area of Dr.