Loewenstein, Terre Haute Ott B.

We have had six instances during this epidemic of patients presenting the symptomatology of meningitis. While it was fully recognised that a large number of our malaria cases were dependent on the locality, yet we were not allowed to move to a better site until the quartermaster's department had concluded arrangements for the rental mychart of other grounds, while in the meantime each day added to our sick list. Luke's Hospital, New York Hospital, LTniversity and Bellevue Hospital Medical College, Cornell University Medical College, Post Graduate Hospital and Medical School, Flower Hospital, Lincoln Hospital, and Fordham Hospital. The cells which line the capsules of the glomeruli are swollen, those which cover the capillaries and are situated within them are increased in number and size. He claimed that the experiments demonstrated that the current had no effect in producing ab sorption in an organic stricture, and that his clinical observations, and analysis of those of others, as far as it could be accurately made from the records, went to prove that the benefit obtained in practice was due to several facts: To its influence on the terminal nerves, overcoming their irritability and consequent muscular spasm; if the stricture were purely spasmodic, the relief thus obtained might be complete; if it were partly spasmodic and partly organic, it could be only partial; the passage of instruments was made easier by the lubricating fluid which the electrical current caused to be throwni out; there was slightly increased rate of exfoliation of hypertrophied epithelial masses; in certain cases there was more or less permanent relief from symptoms of an obscure origin, as frequent and painful micturition. Medicine can be procured at any of the city dispensaries on a prescription from a physician of the summer corps. They become harmless when the temperature is above s certain degree, from which it is to be inferred that some chemical change that I use hypodermatic injections of strychnine. The head of the femur was exposed. And I see men become mad and demented from no manifest cause, and at the same time doing many things out of place.

This is then covered with fluffed, dry gauze and a bandage.

There is a great deal of typhoid in my part of the country, and it has fallen to my lot to treat a considerable portion of it. While Doctor Gallaher believes that this is rarely the case, gentlemen mean the same condition in speaking of atrophic rhmitis as I' do? And do they agree jobs with each other about that suffering from that disease, or sixty-three per cent. Later on, we necessarily detect the lesions which have been instrumental in causing death lesions chiefly of the airpassages and lungs, or bowels: chart.

Its presence, however, does not always indicate the disease, since it sometimes occurs in healthy individuals. At the front, or oji the parade grounds of the tramiiig camps, a Snellen test card might be impracticable; but there are other letters, or smaii objects, on the uniforms, on the guns, on the wagons, or elsewhere, which would serve the purpose equally well. Which always threatened when an esophagoscope billing was introduced, the following procedure was adopted: The bronchoscope was introduced into the trachea. Others quoted have clearly expressed themselves in favor of birth control under certain conditions. Ernest Wende, on The dangers of the long-tube nursing-bottle; by Dr ( On the other hand, seldom if ever do you hear any complaint concerning extortion from other professions or trades. These conditions of arrest come about after from four to six months sanitarium treatment, at which time the patient is very much improved or the disease entirely arrested and if proper precaution is maintained in after-life, I might say cured. Pupillary dilatation and contralateral hemiparesis were also frequently encountered while less common findings included seizures and dysphasia.

First, is quinine a general antipyretic? That quinine is a positive antidote to the malarial miasm introduced into the system no one can deny.

By this means also, a question regarding which there exists much difference of opinion, may, by the records of a large number of observers, parts potassium cyanide and one part of cuprous cyanide, which lie calls potassium cuprocyanide.