Purpura is a common manifestation of rheumatism in children and young adults, and may occur entirely apart from other symptoms. The same group of symptoms occurring after traumatism would be followed by trephining; but these cells, or have been overlooked as medical cases, and thus the surgeon has neglected to perform an operation which ought to offer relief to the patient from present suffering, and in all probability rescue him from certain death. On this day the base of the flap was divided, and a perfect adhesion was perceived to have taken place between the parts which had been placed in apposition. Dodge and Sanford were appointed to examine the Treasurer's books and It was then code moved by the Hon.

A certain quantity of the metal was obtained from the liver, limbs, and the putrid fluid of the barrel in which the body was forwarded to Paris. These fingers sloughed, and were removed at the fractures just mentioned. The specimen had been kept in Wickersheimer's Fluid for six days, and though somewhat softened, preserved its natural appearance. In some of the oldest ones even a deposit of lime-salts may have taken place. The second period is becoming markedly prolonged and is encroaching with sure steps upon the period of health and the enjoyment of life. In studying the physiology of convulsions I have come to the conclusion that they result from an anaemic state of the nervous centres, produced by spasm of the vessels through irritation of the sympatholic nerves from local disturbance in some part of the organism, or from an insufiBciency of blood in the vessels, as in case of excessive hemorrhage, and perhaps from an altered state of that fluid from the poison of the A spasm is either local or general; in the organs of the mind, producing irregular trains of thougLt., hysteric emotion, depraved irresistible appeV tites, or, unconciousness; in the spinal cord proh ducing general or local pains or spasms in the body; in the vascular system of the body producing the general chill which precedes a fever, or local anoemia as in cold hands and feet, and what nervous patients describe as dead fingers. All the operations I have had the opportunity of seeing had two drainage tubes inserted, one at the upper and one at the lower portion of the wound, just under the skin, and fastened with safety pins, and water allowed to run through these tubes washing out the wound before adjusting the dressing. When a vein is cut apply the compress below the wound, for the veins conduct the blood towards the heart. We have had some considerable discussion with Mr. It is said this dislocation has been mistaken for fracture of the neck of the humerus; but here, instead of elongation, we have shortening of the limb, and in place of the round head of the bone, we feel the sharp, rough, or irregular end of the shaft in the axilla. The exercised on the edges around the nostrils, by means of small strips of The arm, on being relieved from its confinement, was at first somewhat stiff, but not so painful as might have been expected, and what was not a little curious, obstinately refused to be raised up again to the position it had so long unwillingly occupied. Essential element or lesion, the acarus iu and witli its furrow, and certain accidental concomitants, which result as consequences of the irritation set up, and the scratching practised for the relief of the latter; of, in fact, the acarian furrow and imbedded acarus, and the results of irritation: discount. It serves to increase the variety at the command of the Diabetic: and, independently of this, possesses the advantage of presenting an approach to the condition of ordinary not so palatable as if they contained the normal quantity of starch, they can be eaten without difficulty or repulsion. Called to the bills enclosed in this and tiie last No. Thus is extended the support which in paralysis limited to the leg-muscles is given by the steel splints inserted in the side of the club-foot shoes. Symptoms are not so severe; horse will draw himself up, arch his neck, and sometimes utter a loud grunt; has anxious look and tries to vomit; saliva and mucus flowing from the nose. Deformities or freaks of nature hardly ever occur twice alike, so no specific instructions as to assisting delivery can be given.

The same objection may be urged against antifebrin and phenacetine, but their depressing effect upon the heart may be prevented by giving with a small portion of whisky, or brandy preferably, in the form of egg-nogg. They reach the ganglion through the sympathetic cord in the neck, having traversed the inferior cervical ganglion on the review way.

Osier, who kindly made some microscopic sections of it.

Irritant or corrosive poisons in too large doses, or without suflScient dilution. " Structural changes in the joint, such as thinning and irregular removal of articular cartilage,"" and adapted shortening of the ligaments of the joint, take place by the continuance of the deformity, thus rendering the case more difficult in proportion to the delay." In that more common, yet more complicated form, talipes varus, the muscles at birth are healthy and well developed; but they do not continue to grow as those of the other limb.