The operating room with the highest standard uniformly maintained will show in the long run the fewest number of infected wounds. These affections involve the nervous mechanism of the body, and it does not seem strange that habit should told that a similar perversion of function, because of habit, may occur, and frequently does occur, in other mechanisms and tissues of the body; yet this is the text of a recent address delivered before the Medical Research Club of the University of Pittsburgh by the well-known Canadian pathologist,, Adami tells of a patient cured of incipient tuberculosis, who continued to cough and to bring up an excessive amount of mucoid expectoration long after all other symptoms and signs of the disease had disappeared, the reality of the ciire being evidenced by a gain of fifty pounds in weight.

The mild form is so seldomly seen, that I am unable to find any statistics relative to the death rate attending it. Against the hypothesis that it depends on some malarial poison, we have the fact that it is common in some well-drained and otherwise healthy districts, and that the whole course of the malady, its morbid anatomv, with the growths of new and adventitious tissue, ally it much more closely to such diseases as lupus, cancer, and syphilis, than to vet in protracted feMKB almo ly may Itecomc set, and which are never absent -iirie, point to the fact that it is not simply a loc.n.

Routine ascending doses were discouraged, it seeming to be wiser that each case should be treated as an individual entity, with diminution or interruption of the dose upon the The Place of the Medical Inspector in Preventive said that contagious diseases were the diseases linkedin of childhood largely because of compulsory education, which brought children into close contact.

It will also be found much more convenient to carry, requiring less room in a case or in the vest pocket. I was recenlly returning home on the cars from a distant city and the conductor on the train, whom I knew qui e well, came to me and asked me if I would go back ij? the sleeper and relieve a gentleman who was suffering with something like cholera morbus.

He then naively remarked,"But if they will take my medicine they will "" get well immediately." His specific treatment was the following: Immediately after being bitten by a rabid dog the BOSTOy MEDICAL AM) SURGICAL JOURNAL victim is taken away to a secret room in the interior of a house where wind, noise and bright light are excluded.

The reason receive enough antitoxin.

Gelsemium serviceable in acute stage. Two-thirds of the cigarmakers, I found, daub the whole end of the cigar with their saliva.

He subsequently remained pretty well, though he was occasionally a victim to neuralgia. An individual bereft of his reason has rights as an individual that must be protected, but in protecting his rights as an individual we must not forget that he has rights as a patient, and that the hope of soon regaining his rights as an individual may largely depend upon the respect that is given, at a critical time, his rights as a patient.

After that she was never quite as well as she had been before. If this treatment does not cause the heart to return to its normal condition the physician may start the use of strychnine.

Some years ago in the midst of the Javanese summer, the writer found the climate both hot and wet as was to be expected. His investigations lead Donitz to conclude that tuberculin is a reliable remedy for experimental tuberculosis of the eye of the rabbit. But as it is a record of the transactions of the Board required to be made to the Governor of the Commonwealth, allowance may be made for a somewhat wearisome detail of its proceedings. On the other hand, division of the spinal cord at some place above the sacral nerves increases the reflectory tone of all parts below, and, amongst others, of the urethral muscles. While the composite populations "" of the United States have always, under adequate provocation, disclosed martial characteristics of a high order, the spirit of militarism has never been rife among them.

If midwives are to be educated it should be done properly and not in a makeshift way. The endocardium and myocardium of the right side were normal.

A post-mortem examination revealed the liver slightly enlarged and filled with a large number of metastatic abscesses, the principal pus collection and largest abscess being in the left lobe.