No gas escapes from the flue at tlie top of that tower. The usual loyal and professional toasts were of the Cathedral, and it is expected that the fixing of the glass wUI be completed this (Saturday) evening. Kinglake, was passed by acclamation. Fluctuation was readily perceptible over the whole extent of the swelling, which comprised a space of considerable extent, partly above and partly below Poupart's ligament. It is not by such rules as those referred to that the bar will improve its position in public opinion, or have credit given to it for consisting of men who possess at least some qualification for the CREDIT SYSTEM IN MEDICAL SCHOOLS. Taylor observed, that he could not define the extent to which the public were injured by their indiscriminate sale. In some cases the disease lasts from twenty to thirty years, but it is a question in these whether the original ulcer persisted or whether new ones had formed (

This stage of the operation was somewhat prolonged, owing to the catheter.

Exacerbations and remissions of pain take place at intervals, until ultimately the sutTering becomes endurable, which it scarcely was at the height When a sensation of cold is experienced in the aflfected part, no depression of temperature is indicated by the thermometer, neither is there usually any sign of inflammatory action, or of hypersemia in the seat of the neuralgia. Fjr the discharge inject into the parts daily, for three or four days, of the following: As the symptoms abate, to improve the appetite, make into eight ballw with linseed meal, and give one The injection recommended will be proper also in The cough is at first dry and ringing, but later hoarse and loud. It is understood that the prescribing chemists feel that this is the last stronghold of their position, and will spare no expenditure of trouble or funds to endeavour to defeat or reverse the effect of the decision already given against them.

The firmess of the union steadily progressed, and at the expiration of eighteen weeks he left the hospital, and is now occupied in turnip -hoeing, strong ossific union having resulted in both bones, and the actions and power the alternative of dismemberment, with In recording the success of this operation, I do not assert its indiscriminate adaptation to all cases of ununited fracture; its position in relation to our suigical means I regard to be rightly indicated in an admirable article on Fractures, in the Cyclopsedia of Surgery. - lice, on the"! raiy, live on the surface.

The stump was so sensitive that the slightest touch, even a drop of tepid water falling upon it, produced intolerable agony, and he felt as if the amputated fingers were constantly at work; as if twisted and cramped, especially when he used the remaining hand. Except in Leicestershire, none of the sub-varieties (which Uiffer a little in almost every one of those counties Avhere the Ion"horns prevail) have undergone any radical change or Leicestershire is said to have been formed by Web stcr ( Like all other remedies, however, it had occasionally failed in his hands. On opening the abdomen, the tumour of the right side was found to be an enlarged spleen, which had broken away from its attachments, and was resting, with its convex surface on the brim of the pelvis; the lower extremity of the organ being turned up so as to reach the right lumbar region.

This is very important It is a curious thing to see the case where we have the current thus developing its power, and the singular way in which the phenomena are brought out. Dead, in the day dawn of his life? For who knoweth why in the bright dawning But Death, like mortals on earth, And in his far off silent Kingdom, He'll guard him well with tenderest care. It is true that these persons had infringed the provisions of the Apothecaries' Act, by practising as apothecaries in England and Wales; but to us it appears that actions against such men, had too much the character of persecution to render them popular.