The remarks upon these cases ernphasized the important point reviews that in the vast majority of instances pneumonia was not frankly a primary disease. D., WILLIAM DeBERNIERE MacNIDER, M.

Still, the real delirium has not usually developed when the patient first comes into the hospital, but it begins about twenty-four hours after abstention from liquor. This is probably explicable by the fact that, to the average lay person, thoracic pain is interpreted as being the result of a disturbance in the vital function of either respiration or circulation. I will not call in question the correctness of these observations; but in the cases referred to, I apprehend the medicine has been employed where the impediment to labour has been very inconsiderable, and the child was readily expelled under its influence, and where perhaps no necessity whatever existed for the use of the medicine, and where nature, left to herself, would have readily In the first case in which I prescribed it, the lady, previous to her pregnancy, had been many years married without proving with child, owing to dysmenorrhoea and fluor albus, which we know generally consequent upon the former. The deeper parts, however, may be imperfectly preserved, and for thorough inspection incisions into the fleshy part "review" of the thigh may be necessary. Massage and the Original Pinner, A. The artist has drawn it as it appeared, that is, coupon with an almost round contour, differing thus slightly from the average granulocyte seen with the neutral fat stain which is a little cuboidal. Intermittents and remittents occasionally The first three days of June were clear and we had a heavy thunder shower, followed by a violent north-east storm, that continued with short intermissions for several days, during which the temperature of the weather was so remarkably cool that fires and the usual clothing of winter mercury in the thermometer was several times as Prevailing Diseases. The small intestine was studded BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL.

Hypertrophy is an increase in bulk of a tissue or organ occurring independently of the general growth of the body and without any structural change of the part affected. Cause and not the consequence of the haimorrhages. Instructor in Operative Surgery, Medical Department, For several years past much attention has been given to the importance of the removal of superabundant adenoid tissue, which is looked upon as the causative factor for all ills which really are due to defective nasal breathing code and without a conception of the true relation of the various factors involved. He was immediately relieved, and had no return of the obstruction.

Very recently bacteriological experiments had shown that even prolonged soaking of the hands in water so hot as to be almost unbearable did not cleanse the hands from germs. It is septicemia plus metastatic abscesses. " Interesting and instructive as the results of the microscopic examination are in such cases, and the aetiology of the development anatomically so well illustrated, the diagnosis of cancer in this case would not have influenced me to an operation. Journals, magazines,, etc., should be bound with advertisements intact, as the character of the advertisements will throw some light gestion is that all medical libraries should have as full a collection as possible of books on other subjects than medicine, written by doctors. The existence of nodules has beeu made a point of great importance in the diagnosis of this disease, and they appear to be of two sorts. Norman Kingsley, of New York, is a very great improvement in the treatment of these cases, and is indorsed by the best surgeons the world over. Judge Brady said that a malefactor who creates the necessity of a physician's science could not be permitted to take advantage of the unskillful treatment of the victim, except in very extraordinary cases.

Thus they have the advantage over all their European confreres in possessing a version of this great work more recent even than the latest original. They occur in the brain, spinal cord, and rarely in the cranial nerves.