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Finally, in the older cultures, the micro-organisms show all gradations of size from bodies that are just visible under a high power lens to bodies larger than a staphylococcus. I have myself made various holes in the head and know that a certain portion of the brain may be removed with impunity, but, as I say, it was perfectly amazing to see the size BOSTOX MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL of the hole in this little chap's head; I think I could easily have placed one of my fists in it could I have got my hand through the opening. Though apparently clean, the room was, surgically speaking, filthy; this could not be helped, however; a c'ay nurse and a night nurse were engaged and brought to the hotel to live for a month or more. Flow do we, as physicians, acquire power? How do we keep it? How do we wield it? Who is going to exert ultimate control over medicine? Government? Insurance companies? Corporations? Or doctors? Most doctors feel that their economic security can be preserved only if physicians maintain control of medicine. Aspiration revealed, instead of pus, chyle; the chemical ciualities of chyle and the microscopic THE NEED OF GREATER ACCURACY IN PRESCRIBING Dr. When hunger is felt, inhibiting work, it is not because the substances which furnish the energy necessary for have the aliments just ingested renewed these reserves. He testified as to the dense ignorance of many of the promoters of these" cures" and cited Dr. I have therefore taken for the purpose of determining the final results of this method, the most favorable exhibition of them with which I am familiar, namely, the table of and published a number of years ago by Scudder.

The leptothrix isolated in pure culture was nonacidfast. This had been her condition for several weeks. The stomach must be educated to" receive this quantity, and it must be done" gradually.

As yet, it has not been shown that such arrangement for the care and treatment of contagious diseases has proved detrimental to the health of susceptible persons in adjacent and contiguous parts of the city, nor has it been claimed that such institutions have become foci for the dissemination of such diseases. For tubercular disease; he had removed a'U the bones of the wrist joint except the pisiform; the result was quite a stiff wrist, not nearly so had obtained the specimen from the dissecting from whom they were removed had given a history of recurring attacks of peritonitis for ten years, and for the last year has been in bed; she came to the hospital with her pelvis full of fluctuating masses.

Of course, at this point in the evolution of medical care, all physicians have become familiar with this type of approach.

I have of late years been in the habit of using entirely the carbolic acid treatment, which Dr. Not only the quantity but the quality must be considered; and it is well for a few days to use peptonized milk almost exclusively, with, perhaps, an occasional teaspoonful of Valentine's beef-juice in cool water, or beef-juice squeezed from fresh beef, a few teaspooufuls twice a day where the child has had it before its sickness aud likes the taste and is willing to take it without forcing it down. Case of benign indurated ulcer of the pylorus OF PYLORIC OBSTRUCTION DUE TO ULCER SCAR AND I.


It is safe to discontinue splints at least one week earlier than in fractures treated by in modern surgery, where we do not hesitate to enter the abdominal or cranial cavities (in some cases, even, simply to establish a diagnosis), we surely should not be deterred from operating on fractures by fear of sepsis, and it certainly is unscientific to adopt a blind way when a swelling, which it certainly does. Walton, in making "" special examinations of the patient, and contributing their valuable opinions upon the significance of the symptoms.

Third Triennial Prize of Five Hundred Dollars, under the Deed of Trust of Mrs. She was married at twenty-eight years of age, and has successively given birth to a daughter, then six sons, then five sons, then four daughters, and then a long series of twins annually, and ended recently by having four sons. One notes, however, that in dealing with the treatment of diffuse peritonitis he fails to describe J. He supposed that the injury in Dr. Alcoholic extract of beef heart, cholesterinized (Antigen B.

Patient now speaks without difficulty. Cartv: The quality of the material of construction enters very largely into the effect to be produced irrespective of the speed of Dr.

I mean all the diseases due to the pus-forming bacteria which are prone to exert their influence in any part of the body.