Such persons are terrified at the idea of a scandal" It is well known now to all who have long paid attention to syphilitic disease, that the younger the disease of the husband is, the more numerous and grave are the dangers which he inflicts on all around him if he marry.

The summaries of articles are quite sufficient to enable one to decide whether the matter in hand deserves further attention, in which case original sources given can be consulted. The professor's observations have been esteemed remarkably correct.

At the outbreak the total establishment of Nursing Sisters stood at: One Lady Superintendent, nineteen Superintendent Sisters, and sixty-eight Sisters. Over- stepping, or, as it is called by some, over-reaching, arises from a peculiar length of action which the hind lejis have to the fore toe of the hind foot being too long, and not squared oil" properly. The water supply is good thougli inadequate, but as it is passed through filtration beds it is not the medium of transmission of the germs of typhoid and diarrheal diseases. Frightful epidemics of it occur there every year, in which thousands of isolated from, a number of cases in the hospital at Tokio.

In a case which came under my observation the patient (a distiller) had to give up his business because the very smell of the spirits and ethereal oils used in the manufacture of his liquors caused pain and numbness of the head.

If the gentlemen composing this new organization are willing to undertake it, they cannot be prevented, but it would be well if they could be, both for the success of the Congress and the We have written the above lest by silence it might be thought that this Journal has altered its views upon the subject. Colonel Hamilton Smith, notwithstanding his extensive researches, seems to have felt the difficulty of this one, and to have abandoned it in a sentence which appears to indicate a slight sentiment of despair at the futility of his labours. Jlills has shown, may in some cases gutscheincode be obtained by irritation of the skin as low as the ankle. Part gutschein of a soft egg may be given twice weekly at the beginning daily is highly digestible and develops the jaw and areas supplied by the maxillary arteries, ('ereals should be given without sugar, which extracts water from the capillaries, thus interfering with secretion of the gastric juice. Much work has yet to be done in this The contribution by A, L. So far, the patient's statement. In this report, he alludes to thp several criticisms which had appeared resrarding his first paper in these words-"T thought my statement sufficiently explicit to warrant any siirgeon's performincr the operation when neeessaiy without hazarding the odium of making an experiment, and I think my description of the mode of operating, and of the anatomy of the parts concerned, clear enough to enable any good anatomist, possessing ihe judgment requisite for a surgeon, to operate with safety. The next division comprises single treatises of Hippocrates, many of which were printed separately, with or without notes, and many are contained in the collected works of old authors who have included them for the purpose of adding their own notes and glosses at the foot of each page.

It is only waiting time, not inclination, to complete. In the course of the day versandapotheke the patients are encouraged to take active exercise. D wight, professor of anatomy, who was formerly a surgeon, gives an excellent course in topographical anatomy. Bell was the hero of Ike hour. The value of careful records and of following cases to online-apotheke the ultimate result is well shown in this series.

Vegetable diet, as well as the employment of mercurial and antimonial medicines; and, at the fame time, frequently employing purgatives. Was one of the leading physicians of the direktapotheke eastern part of the state, associated with the Reading hospitals. Two able statesmen, both Governors, have within a week recommended it to be done. Their work is the most complete which has yet been done.

For microscopic demonstration tissue was secured from advancing margins, placed on a slide, washed two to live minutes in ether, macerated erfahrungen in potash solution five to ten and Bunsen burner or spirit lamp are the only requisites. It arouses sentiments more lofty and enduring than the admiration which is excited by mere ability even of the highest order. Areas of necrosis appear scattered In a section prepared from the wall of the bronchus, adjacent to but apparently unaffected by tumour, the structure is fragmentary. Statistics, to read his report.