Tne experiments of Wertheim explain the fact that a subject of chronic gonorrhea may infect his hitherto uninfected wife, and become again infected from her; that is, the gonococcus, by passing through the new culture of the wife, again becomes virulent for the husband. The skin becomes spotted with purplish or brownish stains. Are we ready to make this admission? Is it not surrendering all for which our school has fought for so many years? To be sure it is a rose this time, and not a club, which is held out to us. In our recent proving referred to the occurrence of certain absolutely identical symptoms, while the drug was being administered in definitely recorded doses, was many of these may be symptoms which are developed in common by all people who are sick from any cause, whether natural or induced, but such general symptoms we value little in our critical estimate of the drug's pathogenic action.

Charles Frazbee asked if spinal anesthesia had been used in any of the experiments. It is singular, almost amusing, how most men fear an epithet. The recognized period of detention in the past, to the the perfected jacketed steam cylinder is a far greater bound and.shows a much greater growth.

Purpose? will be sent free on request. However effective the agents there found drugs on the healthy human organism alone can thei effects be made known. Resolved, That the thanks of the physicians be given to the committee for the faithful ami resolutions, which were also adopted unanii mously: Resolved, That the cordial thanks of the profession in this city are tendered to their professional brethren" in other parts of the country, particularly in Xew York, Brooklyn, St. The cadavers must be Anthrax Fever is also divided in four forms:" Young t'sin" or hard anthrax and" Houang t'sin" or soft anthrax. Apothecary, suit against a surgeon, upper and lower section of cornea I mortality before and after intro J Churchill, cause and cure of consumption, Dislocation of humerus reduced by manipu-: Electro-puncture in supposed extra uterine Humerus, old dislocation of, reduced by fracture of neck of, in old people,: Lead colic, partial blue line of the gums in, Leg, oblique fracture of, section of tendo Medical College of Ohio, and Miami Medical NseAHis, treatment of, by perchloride of iron, Power, effects of tartar emetic on muscular Prize of the Massachusetts Medical Society, i Prizes of the Imperial Academy of Sciences,!Red blood, effect of, on vital properties of Registration of births, marriages, and deaths, Sanitary commission on the seat of the war Skey's method of treating cicatrices of burns, Tendo-Achillis, section of, in oblique fracture.

No preliminary tracheotomy was done. On his admission, the head of the radius and the surface of the external condyle were completely bare; yet it was hoped that, by rest in hospital and mild tonic and sedative treatment, the disease might be subdued.

The subject has interest for physicians, because, "pharma.asu" as will be seen, it tends to throw light on some allied problems in bacteriology. It is not probable login that the bacillus is conveyed through the air, as sunlight in a very short while kills the microorganism. I regret this the less as I desire only to draw the attention of my readers to this useful method of treatment, and to ask them to prove its worth for themselves. Still the vomiting and diarrhoea continued, slightly abated; the little sufferer was pitiable to behold, literally nothing but skin and to make the trip of fourteen miles as soon as possible; it was thought the baby would not live the day out.

Its detection, however, necessitates more than the average experience in vaginal examination. We shall give this book a warm Coniine Hydrobromide is a salt of an alkaloid of conium, and deserves a place among the motor depressants. Statistics of a similar nature can be furnished by other sections of the world, statistics which testify most emphatically to the fact that the treatment of sick people in accordance with the principle of similars is approved of by Nature, than whom no better authority exists. She had been carefully treated for the various secretions, and had subsequently undergone careful and vigorous tonic treatment. This proved to be exceedingly fortunate for us in two respects. The lime-water liniment was continued as the external application. Still more striking are the figures for white employees and their families from the United States. The patient lived thirteen days, and of Mr.

They cause of the sickness, the most likely channel or channels through which the disease was contracted, and the most reliable means of preventing its recuiTcnce or spread. Notwithstanding what the papers have said, or the thoughtless have claimed, no invitation was extended to homceopathists by the Massachusetts Medical Society to become members of that time honored institution. It is far different, however, with the fats and carbohydrates.

The patient, while coasting down a long hill, having acquired a terrific impetus, crashed into a waggon, his head striking the hub of the wheel.

The patient had been on antisyphilitie treatment for three weeks, and in that time the pain had decreased, motion had increased, and her feet, which were affected by a similar pathological condition, were much improved, making Avalking much easier. Its superiority over the colchicum preparations and the salicylates lies in the far more reliable and prompt relief it affords from pain and inflammatory symptoms and in the entire absence of depressant and constipating by-effects or strong diaphoresis.