In idiocy, inasmuch as the cerebral defects are usually generalized, the inferences to be drawn as to the educating power of written or spoken speech are not particularly valuable. The periodicity of the attacks varies greatly; in some it recurs monthly or at even shorter intervals, and There is rarely any danger to life, except when the secondary affection is emphysema and its remote consequence is dilatation of the right ventricle; but the percentage of cases in which recovery actually takes place is comparatively small, since the affection may reappear long after the paroxysms have ceased to recur in the usual manner. His little daughter," Mary Lou," aged about eight years. This may occur within a few hours or it may take several days; or colic may be intermittent.

In some of the oldest notes I possess I have added the remark: Rhachitical. Of course when the swelling is rose-colored and is about a joint rheumatism is suggested. According to Brown's researches bacterial flora contribute liberally toward chronic cystitis: B. Bevan Lewis states that cranial hyperostosis is present in from one fourth to one third of all fatal cases of insanity.

That they will be true to the work which they have supported for years the editors do not doubt; but they ask them to make special efforts during the next few weeks to interest their medical friends in this Journal, and to help in placing it upon a surer foundation than ever before. Obstruction due to large enteroliths or foreign bodies may be only surmised; especially is this true when symptoms of appendicitis arise.

This is not the place for the full discussion of the causes which produced the fearful mortality among the Andersonville prisoners.

The physical signs are similar to The diagnosis of biliary cirrhosis rests on the presence of the characteristic features of prolonged obstruction of the bile-ducts, from impaction by gall-stones, a tumor or stricture of the duct, and the like, with slow and gradual, smooth, or slightly granular, hepatic enlargement. Harte; men in Manila that a considerable amount of the breaking down in health among American residents of the Philippine Islands is due to their nostalgia. On the fourteenth and fifteenth days his general condition became rather alarming, so much so that I was almost stire the much-dreaded" vicious circle" had been established in spite of the enteroenterostomosis, or rather, as I tried to explain it, owing to the undue proximity of the two anastomotic employed in cases of severe vomiting after gastroenterostomy and the result of which has almost invariably been ven.- gratifying. There are two devices to which I have long resorted to get such patients to take water which are lithium citrate as a placebo to be taken in a tumblerful of water three or four times a day; the other is to order a tumblerful of hot water before each meal and at bedtime. With notes on treatment by palliative and operative Gangrenous strangulated inguinal hernia; resection of retained hernia; operation; fatal result due to interference of respiration and heart a action because of iutia:ibOominal ITIarxh (II.) A case of strangulated hernia in which there was no tliiid in the sac, but in which the included coils of small inteatine were tensely diatended with blood-stained serum, mixed with a small amount of fa'cal imitter; evacuation of the intestinal contents by three incisions; closure ol theae incisions b.y Lorn her t's sutures; return of the intestine:.TIazziicchrlli (A.) Erniotomia inguino-scrotale e resezione deir ansa inteatinale gaiigrenata; enteroratia: ITIilonas ( S.

The walls of the large intestine were enormously thickened and indurated, except part of the caecum, which was thin and rotten, tearing readily while being removed. Thrice daily; to get sixteen grains of quinia in the twenty-four hours, and a double quantity of whiskey with his lime-water and milk.

The second case was more striking, for a few hours before operation the patients' pulse was only and rigidity of the abdomen were confined to the region of the appendix, and there was no distention at all. Avec de noiivelles explications, divers remedes, et plnsienrs observations de pratique siir les maladies,.jnrejiirando, Griccc et Latine ex interpi elatione Anntii Foe.sii, a,liornm(jiie, in nsiim sacra'"entis Hyppocrates, traduzidns tielmeiite do L;itim I da medicina. Many of my patients have left the hospital apparently cured and have experienced no further difficulties from tubal involvement. There are two other constituents of humin, the so-called crenic and apocrenic acids, to which the term' acid' is improperly applied, as they are soluble in acids as well as alkalies.

She made no movement of head or any other part of body. He experimented with several kinds of the best material to tisc, but finally al- use of foreign materials and resorted to a -' ion in the i.''''''"'' The Treatment of Dislocation of the Claride Through -Minn. It was important to consider the individual case and not treat all alike.

Here I wish to call your attention to the analogy of the tonsil to Peyer's gland, which it greatly resembles in structure.

Immediately over the muscle or r the course of the nerves which of its situation or relation, causes, net to contraction of a corresponding i. An entire lung, unaifected by the primary disease, may be the seat of compensating emphysema when the causal disease invades the whole or a greater portion of the other lung, as in cirrhosis, extensive pleurisy with efiusion, lobar pneumonia, and pyo-pneumothorax. Presented October Homceopathic Medical Society of the County Ho.MtEoj'ATiiic Medical Society of the State HoMCKoPATiiic Medical Society of the State Indian ( l"he) HouiaM)pathic Keview. Considerable lumbar scoliosis with tilting of the pelvis, due to the short leg. The obstruction, but their extent and character are in proportion to the size of the bronchus affected and the degree of stenosis.