The school of the future should demand fewer hours of study, combined with industrial training. Robert Waldman, who has initiated several innovative programs in the College of Medicine, was lured to the Association of American Medical Colleges in Washington, D.C., where he has served as Vice-President for Medical Student and have been saddened by the departure of these two outstanding leaders, we eagerly anticipate the arrival of Dr.


The Dufur Osteopathic Hospital, Ambler, Pa., deHvered a lecture on""Fear: Its Source and"Vanations,"" before the Northeastern Pennsylvania Osteopathic Society'. The natural history of asymptomatic carotid artery Croup: Study design for randomized prospective trial of Regression and Stabilization of Coronary Artery Lesions Angiographic trials move beyond the NCEP Treatment Guidelines Associate Professor of Medicine Cociirector of the Atherosclerotic Regression Study University of Nebraska Medical Center University of Wisconsin C ORONARY artery disease accounts for or approximately United States. The main object throughout the whole course of the disease is to raise the intake and utilization of proteid material as nearly up to or a little beyond the normal standard as possible. It is a plan quite similar to the passage of a silk handkerchief through the wound, as practiced If the speaker were to be shot, he would prefer to have a perforating wound made by a large-sized bullet, rather than a penetrating wound made by a small bullet but of such a character as to do great Guthrie, who was a famous surgeon on the duelling ground, was regarded as a bloody minded butcher, because he advised the use of a double charge of powder, which would send the ball through the body.

There are finally in this connection the large statistics of prove that in contrast to epidemics and diseases generally, the acute gastro-intestinal affections to which infants are most subject, have materially increased in number.

Pharmacological investigation is today dominant in the colleges and in the societies, and needs no defender; it is clinical observation in therapeutics that bears the brunt of current criticism. - (')' The orbital cavity was thoroughly cleansed by syringing with clear cold water, no anHseptics bttng used. He was "" a man who opposed all his contemporaries by inaugurating a totally different practice; he would not use emetics or purgatives, claiming such remedies injured the stomach.

Among a number of comparable animals, some received just enough food to keep their body weight constant; others received varying additional amounts, so that more or less intensive growth resulted. If the condition does not improve with removal of the child, as was the result in two cases here reported, nephrotomy should be considered if the infection is unilateral. Thus, immediate surgical intervennon may well be the treatment of choice when those features are present in the individual case which experience has taught increase the chance jf malignancy or render medical management difficult: Owing to the disastrous results which were obtained with the arylarsonates, this new preparation has been received with a certain amount of fear and an undue amount of scepticism. Previous operation suggests obstruction by bands or adhesions. I spent last Thanksgiving Day, thus occupied, after the removal of a tumor which had been in existence nine years and which weighed ninety-four pounds. The NMA advanced directives indicating their desire to discontinue life sustaining treatment if they become terminally persons may designate another person to make health care decisions if they become incapacitated. In a short time, if not relieved, the animal runs wildly about, usually in a circle, seems blind, will run against objects, the breathing becomes rapid When a hog is attacked, dash bucketsful of cold water over the body, and throw into the rectum a purgative injection, composed of six ounces of sulphate of soda and one or two tea-spoonsfuls of spirits of turpentine in ten ounces of water. If this be found it serves to indicate the presence of disturbance of the pancreatic functions or of actual disease of that organ.

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