That a reduction of the academic course to three years is an advantage to students looking forward to a professional career or to further study in a graduate school, is too obvious to need discussion, but it is interesting to find the change advocated in the interest of the undergraduates themselves. When no water is drunk, the temperature is practically al)out one-half hour when the cows receive a maintenance ration. With boundless enthusiasm minds, now fully liberated from the bondage of authority, entered upon new paths of philosophical thought and scientific discovery and achieved triumphs unequaled even in the nineteenth century. Lipoidine has also been instilled by cathether in trachea with patient leaned to right and forward to get some filling of middle lobe. These practitioners were conspicuous by their my aljsense. If a thin metallic cord were to strike the fingerends somewhat gently, and about seventy times in a minute, it would impart the same sensation as is communicated by the beat of the artery during inflammation of the bowels. While the latter is more difficult "" of application, this disadvantage is outweighed by its superior accuracy. Carleri, is probably transmitted by the louse, and it b probable that the conditions under which the infection takes place are similar to those occurring with S. If the case is first seen in the apyrexial period one may take a drop of tlood from a case showing spirochaetes and one from the suspected patient. Feeding experiments were also earned out. At every inspiration and at every expiration the inflamed surfaces must move upon each other. Thus, he has the sympathies and good wishes of each.

It can be shown that numbers of these depend "" more upon a deficiency of certain tissues or parts of the body than On specific irritation. In the last century some stones were crushed with special instruments and removed. They are being urged tc aboliali wodihoiises as such, to en:iploy some of the buildings as epileptic -colonies, some as sanatoria, some as hospitals, and to board of light is thrown on the gloom by the knowledge that on EXISTING HINDRANCES TO PUBLIC HEALTH WORK At the beginning of the third decade of the twentieth century the prospect's of Preventive Medicine as a practical policy for Ireland are far from rosy. Association (Blue Cross and Blue the task of helping to health and financial well-being the sick and the: It adheres firmly to the skin, and is apt to grow large; sometimes it becomes of enormous bulk, when regarded simply in its character of a wart. This term is a most deceptive one for like the term fibrosarcoma it includes a great many tumors that are not malignant at all.

Fore feet are thrust forward, and the head held erect, that the inflamed parts may be as much as possible beyond the centre of gravity. The spleen is enlarged Blackwater Fever. It is the only accurate way of measuring a squint in a young child. Schnell was an alumus of the Veterinary Department of the Univei-sity of Pennsylvania; a member of the Veterinary profession of New Jersey sustains a distinct loss and New York University loses a most worthy.son.