If Winter's observations are correct, the staphylococcus pyogenes albus, aureus, and citreus, as well as various forms of streptococci, are present beforehand in the uterus, but lie harmless until the puerperal state supplies the conditions favourable for their development. In older persons, asthenopic symptoms are seldom if ever manifested by muscle palsy, though by careful examination, muscular insufficiency is frequently demonstrated in the eye musculature:

Even those few hardly realised, or could bring themselves to believe until almost the end, three weeks before, he had proposed the vote of thanks to Professor Muir for his lecture on" Immunity," and it is within the recollection of those who were present that he spoke then with apparently all his wonted vigour and animation ( In Scotland the same diseases, with the exception of small-pox; also, and more particularly, sore-throat, often a.ssuming a diphtheritic character, and accompanied by diphtheria, played the chief part in the epidemiology of the twelve months. It began to The following is a statement of the temperature as determined by the thermometer, applied to difierent parts. But however conscientiously the barrister may behave to his pauper client, whatever desire he may have to assist the prisoner, however skilfully he may seize the points of the case as they arise, it is not to be expected that he can rebut evidence which has been skilfully collected and arranged by men of practised sagacity and acuteness during the weeks or months that the man has been in prison. They are to be seen in Gurlt's" History of Surgery," In some cases he had seen the polyp was so difficult to get at or was situated so far back in the nose that it could not be reached by means of a tenaculum or scissors, or even the special knife devised for that purpose. Even the Roman reign, which forced many nations to adopt the Latin language, had no powers to interfere with the continuation of the use of the Greek. While considering this symptom of spasm it will be well to remember the difference between the false and true varieties. Disinfection cannot be treated fully in the short space that can here be given to it, yet the general principles and some of the more potent of the agents employed may be noticed. Cloma - in one called canine angina, because the patient's tongue hangs out of his mouth, somewhat the same as from an overheated dog in the summer time, while at the same time the mouth is held open and he draws his breath pantingly, Arculanus suggests an unfavorable prognosis, and would seem to refer to those cases of Ludwig's angina in which there is involvement of the tongue and in which our prognosis continues to be of the very worst even to our own day.

These also follow inflammation and are to be recognized by the visible breaks or abrasions in the surface layers of the transparent coat of the eye. Live out of the womb, but in the lower animals the term has been indiscriminately used for cases of premature C Hws.

Moreover, in persons who liave a weak and irritable stomach, milk or whey is frequently added, whereby the water is rendered more easily digestible. He states briefly the characteristics of these three sects. - those who ignore the element of inflammation in the disease, consider rest prejudicial. Holmes exhibited a specimen of PARTS AFTER EXCISION OF THE HIP-JOINT. - while the had a good arch (when the foot was at rest), this gave way on standing and walking. Up till a few years ago it was generally accepted that the for purposes of prevention, not as curative measures, during the progress of an infection, and that any hope of effective treatment depended on the use of antisera.

Writers have classified cases of hermaphroditism in various ways. The point of the index-finger and the instrument having been made to meet behind the separately upward against the ring, while the latter should be moved in a downward direction, so that its sharp edge cnislies them off as near their base as possible, tlie nail or the The following case shows the efficacy of this treatment:" tln-ough the nose, removed the enlarged tonsils and the swelling of the throat and soft palate, but the manner of sj)eal'in(j remained as defective as ever. The present edition has been thoroughly revised, and liberal additions have been made wherever the advance of the science demanded it. There was violent bilious vomiting, and some uneasiness in the epigastrium and right hypochondriac region. - but the writers have shown us, and so has occasional experience in such consulting and hospital work as has come lightly, as every one has in it the elements of a possible catastrophe.