It will be noticed that all of these occurred when both polyvalent and meningococci which were detected more readily by our polyvalent than by our monovalent serum, when both were used in the same dilution, but whose type could be determined if the monovalent serum were used in high enough concentration.

A patient may have had a supravaginal amputation of the uterus and a troublesome infected cervix has been left. She was ordered the following draught, which was to be repeated in half-an-hour if she had not slept or quieted down. Professionals Address Current Issues at AMS Session The educational portion of the Subjects included medical discov eries in space, gene therapy, joining a group practice or partnership, overuse of antibiotics, handling weapons of mass destruction and applying the The meeting was in Little Rock Hotel. The right was nuich weaker than the left. Edis possesses descriptive powers of a high order. Debilitated organs can not digest ordinary emulsions and plain cod-liver oil; while extractives are often irritants. The family physician should avail himself of this information, that he may be in a position to recommend To encourage bringing the milk up to a higher standard, in some of the eastern cities milk commissions have been appointed from the County Medical societies, which authorize dairies to use the label,"certified milk," after their dairies have been inspected by a veterinarian, their milk subjected to chemic and bacteriologic examination and found to come up to the requirements of the committee; the dairies are subject to periodic inspection and tests.

EVELENA Graduate California Hospital CRAWFORD, MISS M. Similar experiments are under way with other colloids and with various tissues: pharma. The wound was probed from above through the trephine hole, and l)assed a very restless night. Indirect sunlight, as the reflection from a cloud, is most useful and not more dangerous than artificial light: the reason we employ it so seldom is, that it is rarely obtainable in town practice. The great distention of the cell caused by the corpuscles causes it to rupture.

PBI may be decreased in patients polska taking androgens.

Ask your Dorsey representative for a generous supply or write Director of world in which we live today. Nickerson, Licking man, Holmes County; Richard L: ratyski. The principles involved in both are alike, being simply a The indication of a positive reaction is a decrease in the surface tension of the solution with an increase in the number of drops in a unit volume of the antigen-antibody mixture. The evidence, indeed, seemed so strong that I would not have hesitated to sign the death certificate to this effect, although, as the facts showed, this would have been eiToneous. Although salicylic acid has been known to the profession for several years, there still remains a general want of appreciation of its chemical relations, as also a lack of knowledge as to its medicinal powers.

There are two advantages, of course, in this; the patient stands the operation better, and there is a chance to do a cholecystectomy rather than a cholecystostomy. AVhen the tympanitic note is accompanied by increased vocal fremitus but abnormally feeble respiration in the apex, it indicates that the upper lobes are the seat of a congestion, whose nature can only be determined by the subsequent progress of the case. Paralysis of the accommodation by atropine proceeds very gradually, and persists the longest. TREATMENT WITH OESTROGENS, PROGESTERONE AND CHORIONIC EFFECTS OF SUPPLEMENTAL PROGESTERONE ON consulting SEMEN FROM BULLS. Hartle, as mariusz a whole, as amended, was approved by the Dr.