He appears, on his first reception at the hulks from Milibank, to have been of weak intellect, bordering upon insanity; which gradually increased with the frequency of his fits. You will see now that the noble Lord, (I believe Lord Clancarty, who is well acquainted with the subject), object was not to withdraw the pittance of the medical officers, but to ascertain if there was even a remote chance of their condition being bettered, and of medical relief being more efficiently administered separate from the poor law. The most important change in rhachitic bones is the demincralization, especially in calcium and phosphorus; the ash content of the dried substance of ribs and vertebrae is reduced from twenty to sixty opinion per cent. It is obvious that the states of tbe heart and lungs will be very states of the digestive organs: for instance, where there is morbid distension of these latter organs, respiration and circulation will become disordered: hence it is that there is so very fre quently a deranged state of the circulation and of respiration in individuals in whom the nervous energy is weak, and where the contractile power of the parietes of the heart is to a certain extent weakened also. It seems to me to be working in the interest of humanity, especially of suffering humanity, if I publish the following remarks, intending thereby to bring before the medical world the therapeutic qualities of the baths of Postven and Trenczin-Teplitz.

As a rule, tubercular disease of the bladder is associated with extensive implication of the urinary or of the gen ito-urinary organs.

These occurred more frequently than was generally recognized. Such cases, as we have said, are very rare, so that even medical men of experience may not have seen one in their whole lives, yet they are luet with every now and then.

Raymond Hoobler of Detroit said that if the war continued our women would have to go into the industries also and that we would be confronted with the same problems as France was now attempting to solve; it was therefore the part of wisdom to get to work at once and not wait until the load became too heavy before getting under it. On the other hand, when dealing with an harassing cough in acute bronchitis or pneumonia in which the expectoration is very adhesive and cohesive, scanty in amount, and hard to raise, a stimulating expectorant, with or without wine of ipecacuanha or the compound syrup of squills, in the majority of instances will prove beneficial to the patient by assisting nature to rid the lungs of effete material and save the patient's energy for the terrible battle ahead of him. The sac evidently containing a large qiuantity of blood, it never occurred to us that the heart could have been wounded unless aftdi' the perforation of its envelope. A few years later its cultivation was undertaken on a large scale in Algeria. O) is used to ai)proximate the edges of the lateral denudations to the central one, i. When, as frequently happens, the patient becomes tired of this mechanical treatment, and discontinues its use, he generally returns after a few weeks to the same condition as before, for the reason that a few days after it is It is scarcely necessary to mention that the sound must be made to feel its way, and that it must be used with the greatest caution, especially at first, when the stricture is not thoroughly permeable.


The latter was dialysed and sugar removed. The initial step is to arouse attention; the sense of hearing is one of our main levers for this weeks to listen with some degree of attention to music, the lick of a clock or even of a watch, to the extent sometimes of turning its head toward the sound, and showing pleasure and astonishment (the latter expressed by opening its mouth and eyes widely) when new sounds, imitations of animal cries, music with code some instrument not previously used, are heard. The spasmodic attack returns after a longer or shorter interval, and is commonly produced by the act of swallowing or by The duration of a single attack varies considerably; it may continue for minutes, hours, days; indeed, the spasm has been known to persist for weeks and months. The bleeding ceased within a few minutes, and robust coolc. He was selected for the vaccine as a control to Case I, and, from of Schafer acne bacilli vaccine, as in the other case. Pine, an estimation of the nitrogen of the urine in comparisfin with the nitrogen of the blood was made ( Four minutes later the animal was dying: transfusion was stopped and the donor died a few minutes later. I lodged with them for a few husband was very poorly, and that he was taken ill on the Friday evening. The cavity, which at first contained two quarts of fluid, projected when full far into the left side of the thorax.

Directed, in order to complete investigations of the transmission of pellagra, to proceed the request of the Utah State Board of Health, directed to proceed to Salt Lake City for conference and investigation of disease supposed to be caused by bite of Surgeon (review).

An emetic having been administered, he applied his finger to his POISONING FROM SULPHATE OF STRYCHNIA. T.) Cancer and ulcer of the stomach treatment of ulcerof the stomach.

The slight Trendelenburg position suggested is a material aid in securing the reduction of the displaced bladder.