Closed - the arterial and venous walls, much thickened by the inward prolongations of the capsule, stain in an identical manner; the red blood-corpuscles, in their lumina, appearing deep apple-green. ITiree of the twenty-one negative cases caused lesions in the inoculated rabbits, which resembled so closely tubercular nodules that the inoculation of a second rabbit was necessary to determine their non-tubercular character. The intervention of art seemed to be now called for; so at my proposal we decided to try, for the second time, conversion of the presentation to one of the vertex:

I have used the instrument innum.erable times in children for the diagnosis of adenoids, and have saved many a child who was a seeing that he had no adenoids, where by the ordinary examination with the finger, I would have thought I had discovered some abnormal tissue. He was shortly afterwards discharged: the presence of a slight amount of disease of the apex of the right lung having been, however, fully recognized. The heart remains displaced to the right side of the there is a tympanitic sound elicited, when ho lies on his back, in the mammary region, and, when lying on the right side, in the axillary region; the respiration being, however, inaudible in the resonant parts. (dlden Linnxus named a Golden had first described. Second, that neuroglia fibrils stain well in an imperfectly fixed tissue, and the spiro chete never takes on the silver impregnation, unless the tissue be completely fixed prior to impregnation. They are manifold, violent, and have a quick, trembling character. Occasionally a nasal twang is noticeable.

The tumour has grown backwards, efig in the popliteal space: review. Rand wrote a series of essays upon the subject, which were published in the newspapers; and by pointing out the probable causes and the means of avoiding them, succeeded in a very considerable degree in removing the groundless prejudices which existed.

The Faculty is nearly as much disturbed in finding a solution for the all-absorbing problem as the girls are. He therefore took bark in the interval of fever, but with an increase of his cough, and this requiring venesection, the blood was found highly inflammatory. In another series of experiments the viscosity was tested after subcutaneous injection of phenylhydrazin. I feel that vaccine therapy should not be resorted to until the proper use of hexamethylenamine has proved ineft'ective. One of these needles, when the pain occurred, was pushed about an inch into the painful part, and the pain instantly ceased; but I was not certain, whether the fear of the patient, or the stimulus of the puncture, occasioned the cessation of pain; and as the paroxysm had continued some weeks, and was then declining, the experiment was not tried again. Optici looks white, grayish white, or greenish white instead of its normal rose color there is atrophy of the optic nerve (atrophia N, optici); ophthalmologists distinguish several types: (a) Simple atrophy, Of simple optic atrophy in which there is simply pallor of the disk with retention of its well-outlined margins and but little change in the vessels, paralytica, the changes in the disk being visible from the beginning of the changes in the papilla becoming visible through the ophthalmoscope only occlusion of the A.

Boylston, however, being a man of great benevolence and courage, in despite of obloquy and opposition, persevered in his professional duty, and ultimately enjoyed the happy results of his very useful labors.

The process may run an afebrile course, or may be associated with rigors and an irregular pyrexia. In most cases icterus disappears after the operation. The reaction type is usually predominantly objective.

In this family resided Miss Golden, well known as the correspondent of Linnaeus, and in whose honor the Goldenia bears its name in the Linnaean Gatalogue.

The author does not altogether disapprove of the administration of chloroform in cases of doubt, but holds that apart from the fact that there may be cases in which the doubt cannot thus be cleared np, it would be more desirable to have some means of making the diagnosis surely and safely without anaesthesia. A new edition of the genera has appeared, in which your genus is described; the Museum of the Queen's Society has also been published. They consulted with him as to the best means of promoting his future interests: Dr. It is based upon a mawkish sentiment of as an ideal, but wholly out of place in situations where it is a duty to one's native land, to disable its enemies. It contained a large proportion of molecular fat, Chassaignac's trocar, and attempts were made to bring the lower end of the canula within reach from the vagina, with a view of making a counter-opening there, and so emptying the cyst more effectually of the caseous material. ITie lung was perfectly normal, and was laid open by a vertical incision from apex to base, and includes the structures at the root of the lung. In nephritis it is rare for the diseased kidney to fail in the elimination of chlorids; the substances which are most often retained owing to kidney insufficiency are the products of protein metabolism, viz.: Urea, creatinin, phosphates, sulfates, the potassium salts, hippuric acid and the urinary pigments, the products of carbohydrate and fat metabolism carbondioxid and water do not affect the kidney. Ordinarily, however, it is preferable simply to give kirge quantities of water internally. Water barrels and roof tanks must be screened. The prostate was not enlarged.

A few hours later spots of red appear on his face, indicating a commencing peritonitis. The loud ringing character of the murmur was due to the neighbouring cavity in the lung.