It was after this visit that I began to supplement the uterine irrigation with pancreatic lotion. Most of the remaining cases occurred in November and December, whilst from April to September there were only five or six cases. Fourthly, they had no conception of the functions of the heart as the motor power of the movement of the blood. Tongue protruded straight and steadily, but somewhat tremulous on the dorsum; slightly furred. Cullen laid the foundatioa of the system ding systems, and still maintains, in a great measure, its ascendency in the schools.

He has on several occasions been solicited to accept professorships in different medical colleges, but has always declined, preferring to enjoy the quiet current of professional life and duty. Such water usually proceeds from springs and wells located in woods, or where leaves and other vegetable substances are allowed to decay, and the sewage therefrom to find its way into the sources of the water supply. Some consider that the term ought to be limited to a substance like that of a cancerous gland; also termed in eine fleischdhnliehe Masse. No physician of aily eminence pfiictice of medicine; the importance then of collecting and envying, tiie numerous details of information thus obtuned, Btust be obvious to every one.

Old term for a reflux of the humours from the whole compass or circuit of the body into any of the larger emunctories for its excretion, as in dropsy, of water to the bowels, or kidneys, whence leg of bacon.) Name for a kind of breeches Periscythis'mus, i, m. (The are not learnt in a day, and it is besides useful to moderate We take the opportunity of proposing anew that a general superintendence over all the asylums in the country be vested from among the medical men who are best versed in the we should confine ourselves to a simple enumeration ef tho other officers connected with the institution, but as the director alone is compelled to reside there, his life is spent in the midst of the lunatics, and it follows as a natural consequence that he should be in some degree qualified to perform some of the duties assigned to the physician. But the coagulated proteid matters attach themselves to the fat-globules and probably have an influence in bringing about that less perfect assimilation of fat which has been noted by various observers as true of infants nourished The milk-sugar by long-continued heating is completely destroyed, and is probably affected to a certain extent during the interval ordinarily allowed for sterihzation. The Interim Meeting of the Second House of represented, constituting a quorum, and moved that the Delegates be seated. Sprouts of unionism did emerge in cities such as Philadelphia and New York rapidly wilted after a brief bloom. At present no man, whatever his intellectual gifts, could be fully acquainted with every branch; he must in his official studies take for granted the results of other workers.

It was difficult to decide whether this latter convolution was included in the growth or not, as all the convolutions of the occipital lobe were pressed out of shape. The prostate gland and its diseases, the bladder as also the adjacent organs, have been carefully and scientifically investigated, and this has led to the clearing up of many a previously obscure point in review the diagnosis of blennorrhagic and other conditions. The middle finger is specially fitted scam for detaching a placental polypus from near the fundus. Rapidly bringing the foot down in a direction // which does not disturb the well-fixed position of the child it is generally advised to finish the case by an immediate extraction. Its use seems to have been -for which it is especially adapted, rendering the patients -more comfortable and less offensive to themselves and in their care. During a stay of nine days at this place the sick-list was reduced from twenty-eight to fifteen, aod arrived at Callao. Under the clavicle; applied to a muscle inserted into the lower surface of, Subcrflree'us, a, um. This, however, is mostly in connection with some actively exciting cause, such as exposure to inclement weather, parturition, overstocking with milk, heat, etc. A gummatous affection of the bones was negatived by the short duration (http).