Balm, Peppermint, Spearmint and other teas are made tamarinds, two ounces of stoned raisins, and three ounces of cranberries, in three pints of water until two pints remain. I must say, I have to return my thanks to the Hon. The flap fitted exceedingly well, and covered the bone without the slightest tension. The portion of the liver external to the hepatic abscess was firmly adherent to the abdominal wpll, and from this point (about two inches above the crest of the ilium) the pus had burrowed its way and formed a sinus leading to the right inguinal region under Poupart's ligament ( The lower portion overlaps the upper, and when the splint is brought up to the limb, and the extension made, a piece of steel in the form of a band slides over the end of the overlapping portion, and secures the joint. Clinicians of wide experience estimate that one-fourth of uveitis and optic neuritis One of the most reliable signs of brain tumor is the peculiar ophthalmoscopic picture known as choked disc. Severe burning pains in the tongue, especially during mastication of solid or highly seasoned food, may so annoy the patients that eating becomes torture and is limited to a minimum. Britton read the third clause of the report. It is but justice to the memory of an excellent English physician to state that the American code is based on that prepared by Thomas Percival, and published in accompanying his report, as follows:" On examining a great number of codes of ethics adopted by different societies in the United States, it was found that they were all based on that by Dr. Pardee: However, in the type of case I have already discussed, quinidine should be used, and my experience with it has been good enough.

Dickson, so that the Council will be notified of proposed legislation, it will enable the Council to take such steps as they think wise in the matter.

You can stretch it longitudinally, or dilate it transversely, by forcibly drawing apart its walls; and it always returns upon itself, and instantly resumes its former shape. Palpation is, as a rule, of the greatest assistance in the diagnosis. I am sure if we get a petition signed asking for what is right and fair, the Government will listen to us and will grant our request. This is due to an increased irritability of the sphincter muscle resulting from a periproctitis or some other inflammatory process. There is a ferment in typhoid fever, and Dr. A proliferation of the nuclei is quite common, if not an invariable phenomenon. The jjatient must be placed absolutely at rest and morphine should be administered in liberal doses.

Fed., means of augmenting the supply' of Of the more than a half-milhon persons in the United States disease rests on the shoulders of the physician in private Dilantin Sodium is a superior anticonvulsant that is relatively free from hypnotic action.

When this drug is employed, it is best to thoroughly wash out the bladder with a boric acid solution first, then throw in an ounce or two of the silver nitrate solution, which is left for a few minutes, then allowed to drain away from the catheter.

On post-mortem examination all the organs were found perfectly healthy. Nowadays it is called"First Year Science Class," but we were just"Pre-Meds." that ever came to these hallowed halls, or words to that effect. PAPADAKIS, MD, San Francisco; KELVIN K. At the same time it would seem that even the muscle fibres of the intestinal walls receive some stimulus from the bile, possibly through the mesenteric plexus, and it is easy to understand how the peristaltic movements exert a favorable influence upon the intestinal Constipation is another imiDortaut result of a deficient or suppressed flow of bile into the intestines; it is due to the lessened normal stimulus imparted by the bile to the muscle of the intestinal The bile, furthermore, possesses an antiseptic action, by means of which it prevents or lessens intestinal fermentation. The candidate must have attended during eighteen months the practice of the Montreal General Hospital, or that of some other approved Hospital, and have compounded medicines for six months. Correlational analyses were done to determine whether Varimax rotation to determine the facets of satisfaction as represented by the items in our survey.

Howell, of Buffalo, regretted that the whole paper had not been heard.