The refreshments supplied by Messrs. Endeavouring to establish a means of diagnosis between dropsy caused by disease of the heart and that arising from albuminous nephritis, he says, that the dropsical effusion caused by disease of the heart usually commences in the lower extremities, and extends upwards, whereas that arising from the lesion of the kidneys is often first perceived in the face.

Doctor Hall has never achieved wealth and high business station in the State of Indiana. You see, the mandate from the Rockefeller Foundation was to develop new diagnostic tests for viral diseases and to improve and simplify those which were already available. For the Western District the nomination will be at the hiin for the fracture of his arm, whereby serious injuries had" The little boy stated that as he was kneeling down to tie his shoe, another boy leant over him, pressed him down, and hurl his elbow. The members of this The junior member of the firm was for a number of years assistant reporter for the Supreme Court of Indiana, and is a man of wide legal training and experience. There are frequently found adhesions of both the"ileal stasis." There frequently exists ptosis of the stomach with adhesive exudate binding down the entire duodenum. He is still living, at the age of seventy-five, and enjoying the best of health. Usually, however, inflammation draws legions upon legions of leucocytes to the affected area, and each leucocyte not only possesses the ability to approach and encompass bacteria, but also furnishes enzymes highly destructive to the poisonous products of these microorganisms. The day following, an examination caused a repetition of the crisis. He served as demonstrator of anatomy position he now holds in the Indiana University School of Medicine.

The men on admission, having been washed with warm water and soap, were ordered to take an aperient mixture, composed of sulphate of magnesia and tartar emetic, every third hour, until the bowels were freely opened. Life to her her such a peculiar formation, that between the ages of fourteen and forty-five, or the child-bearing period, she should have a sanguineous (blood-like) monthly discharge, from the organs of generation, known under the various nameis of monthly sickness, menses, catamenia', courses, all casds. More common in men than in women. The common carotid artery was flat and ribbon- like, but still pervious, and was, with the pneumogastric nerve, contained in the fibrous wall of the tumour, from which they The post-mortem, as described and performed by Mr. PHILIPPI: Das klinisclie Gesamtbild der endothorakalen Drusen- und Lungenhilus tulierkulose der Erwachsenen, Brauer's Superior infolge tuberkuloscr Afediastinitis, Rivista ospedaliera, ig, Ueber eine chronische tuberkulose Meningitis, Verhandlungen der und ihre Bedeutung fur die D'agnose und specifische Therapie der Ein Fall von Perforation einer Bronchialdruse in die Trachea, particular dans la scrofide et la phthisie pulmonaire. For a term or so he was a student in Normal School, and then began teaching in the country districts of Pipe Creek Township near Elwood.

You may set fire to this fluid, and if cot confined it will not explode, but will continue to burn until aU is consumed. Judson Daland, of Philadelphia, desired to express his personal thanks to Doctor Dochez for demonstrating so clearly that the ordinary pneumococci found in the mouth were not responsible for pneumonia, and therefore the disease should be considered still to be usually transmitted by contact, and to demand isolation.

Treatment by way of mouth does not give the best results. 'Tis mortal sin an onion to devour; Each clove of garlic has a sacred power. In general, the patients received at the ambulance have received only first aid, or have undergone operations of an imperative nature before admission; at times, however, when it was necessary to evacuate hospitals nearer the front, patients have arrived who had been under treatment during extended periods. He holds that when syphilis plays a part, the lesion is most likely to be a local one, most probably situated in the region of the medulla or pituitary gland.

The operation is a very brief one, and where possible, was preceded and followed by a rapid ophthalmoscopic examination. This spray may be used freely and with perfect safety, which is not to be said of some other drugs used for the same purpose. During the day there was but a slight decrease from the average. She was very helpless, walking with difficulty.

Kelly, in his work on the"Vermiform Appendix and Its Diseases," reports only having seen seven cases in his clinic.

Wylie "" has been active in all war activities and was chairman of the Young Men's Christian Association drive.

Even when there is some immunity, such a bacillus will give a more intense toxemia than will a milder bacillus. The husband's sickness occurred every morning, but only after the wife had vomited or complained of nausea, when he would at once follow suit.