Santonine, when swallowed, mpidly gats into the blood, and there coming in contact with the epidemic; poison, as well as in the mucous membranes of tiie bowels and lungs, nill quickly destroy i';. There is no evidence of oesophageal obstruction, but there is an occasional feeling of soreness during eating at the back of the trachea. Beale as to the part that bioplasm plays in the propagation of contagion were discussed. An order was made for their repair and deodorisation.

Few dog owners have not at one time or another had to deal with the tick problem.

The bacteria that reach the vagina during pregnancy are evidently capable of passing the mucous plug of the neck of the uterus, whereupon they multiply between the fetal and mucous membranes.

In only a few instances such unpleasant effects as headache, dizziness, and stupidity were complained of, and vomiting did not occur in any case. Anstie tells us that the distillation process avoids certain sources of error which affect the application of the chromic other constituents of urine upon the chromic acid.

She was never wholly free from the i-ash for more than a week or two at a time, and there was no reason to believe that the arsenic did any good.

This articular surface was dislocated from the anklejoint and twisted upon itself, projecting backwards and a little inwards, being attaclied to the internal malleolus by a few bands of ligamentous tissue. The study of diphtheria in the children's hospitals demonstrates stiU more clearly than can be done by the urban statistics (which only relate to the deaths) the progressive St. SajTe himself at Guy's Hospital, the skin inclosed by the splint became covered with psoriasis. - often a combination of drainage and the use of copper sulfate will bring about the desired results. Calcification with small round cells with little connective tissue ground substance. The following papers were then read, and the douche to the portion of the uterus accessible to its action from the vagina, in the treatment of chronic leucorrhoea and aUied aifections, had been recognised by many authorities. Lees having also pointed out the remarkable lesion already described on the anterior aspect of the. It was a Umestone country, with granite cropping up here and there. At places which are protected from this the virus of pox propagates without foreign contamination, and in sucli cases, as for instance in the hard nodules wliicli sometimes occur under the skin of sheep, the contents consist of virulent pox hanph which is free of pyogenic bacteria. The following appointments are vacant: and assistant-surgeon to the Westminster Hospital; medical officer in ordinary to the St. " The British Medical Jottrnal professes great surprise that the American medical journals contain no opinions in reference to the war now going on in the' Disunited States', and concludes, therefore, that the war must be a matter of complete indifference to the medical profession, except so far as they maj- be professionally engaged in it. The pulse was fuU was nausea, and constant throbbing tinnitus aurium of theleft ear. It would be monstrous to destroy the property of poor wretches, even for the sake of their own safety, witliout recouping them for the loss; and we trust that the motto of the authorities in this respect is everywhere Bis dot qui cito dot. The metacarpal division of the thumb was adducted, and the phalangeal joints very slightly flexed.