Daily four days weekly is beneficial. There are not many.surgeons in this countrj' who have not, at some time within the last three and the number of dogs sacrificed for the"advancement of science" are counted by the thousands. From the bronchiole the cell growth invades the peribronchial sheath and alveolar cavities, the result being an islet of peribronchitis and broncho-pneumonia. The presence of albumin, if only of pyrexial origin, is no counter-indication j but if the patient be a subject of chronic Bright's disease we must forgo the use of this valuable drug, or use it at his peril, to escape a still more imminent danger. They are of salmon-pink color mottled here and there with brown or black spots. I feared that with only a strip of adhesive plaster over the lids and the patient going more than a mile to his home the balance of the vitreous would run out. AUbutt Injuries by Electric Currents of High Pressure. Results began to show within two weeks after the ONE OF OUR FRIENDS WINS A PRIZE initial injection, and now (three or four months later) the lesions practically are well. Dell left Ann Arbor to go to California, and located in Los Angeles, where he estabhshed a fine practice. Physical examination at first reveals nothing more than signs of general bronchitis; but subsequently pleuritic friction and patches of dulness on percussion, more particularly at the apices, make their appearance, and signs of excavation may ultimately be discovered. I am inclined to believe he had an excess of acid. The observations as to the influence of bile on the formation of emulsions are particularly interesting, as they show how bile regurgitated into the stomach, could very seriously embarrass The formation of the spontaneous emulsion to determine the action of the pancreatic juice in fat splitting, and the efiFect of other digestive agents in modifying this action. Hence, the far greater amount of lymphoid tissue present in children, as compared with that in adults, constitutes a fortunate provision of nature, calculated to aid in protecting the youthful organism against the consequences of infection with It has been known for a long time that a single attack of smallpox, of scarlet-fever, of whooping-cough, d a!., if recovered from, protects against another attack, by establishing an immunity against the virus of such a disease. There is the tendency to hemorrhage, and moreover, in the ulcerative stage of carcinoma the cervical lymphatics are large and swollen, and cachexia is usually In its early stages laryngeal syphilis has a fair chance of being arrested in its course; still where a deep ulcer is found it is best to be guarded in giving too optimistic an opinion in regard to the success of treatment, and especially complete restoration of function. Do not see that her progress has been anj' greater since the second operation than before. Both the patient and husband wanted a living child, and both were willing to take any risks which it might entail. The party was housed at a ranch forty miles, by stage-route, from the railroad and up among the live oaks. I now pass on to an important question, namely, what is the nature of cerebral rheumatism? When one thinks of the facility with which rheumatism generally attacks and brings on inflammation of serous membranes, the first thought which occurs to the mind is that cerebral rheumatism is merely meningitis. The vegetable world, which contains all forms of nourishment necessary for the human body, is devoid of the coarser mineral elements, which are sifted out by a powerful and most ingenious process in nature's perfect laboratory.

Some years since I did a plastic operation after her admission to the hospital her distress was so great and the constitutional disorder so acute, that I decided to amputate the leg. On solidified bloodserum there appeared, after twenty-four to thirty-six hours, small indentations due to liquefaction of the medium. It is relieved by suitable glasses.

It will generally be necessary to revise the diet carefully; the most suitable food in the acute cases being milk, koumiss, or carefully and tender meat, freed from fat and pounded or finely minced, may be given in small quantities. He can run therefore for about an hour and three quarters, walk pretty briskly up the rather steep ascent of Sevres and of Chaville, and reach the end of his journey without feeling more out of breath than a man might be who had just walked in measured step for the distance of half a kilometre. Davenport, Atlanta, has been named head of the medical advisory board of the FultonDeKalb Chapter, Muscular Dystrophy Association of America, Inc.