The heemoptysis was for a time controlled by suggestion, but finally proved fatal. These Another type of white cell is known as the transitional cell, because it was supposed to represent an intermediate form between the monoand polynuclear cells. These things are to be applied during the violence of the pains; after which a cerate may be applied from rose-oil, or myrtleoil, or the oil from the flowers of wild vines, or that of apples with dates boiled in must.

An island taken over by a telegraph company, for the establishment on it of a telegraph station, was previously but little inhabited, and certainly not suspected of harbouring the labour that was required, but within a few months half their number were down with beri-beri, and the work had to be stopped and the island for a time abandoned. (Krogh.) come altered to meet the varying demands.

If an early incision is not made the pus is apt to burrow, as a rule in a downward direction, and very serious results have been reported. It is, therefore, not unreasonable to suppose that bone lives at one rate, fibre at another, muscle at another, and nervous matter differently from all.

The Baroness Sannomiya, an English lady, and wife of the Master of the Imperial Household, was the heart and soul of the ladies' organisation. Pneumonia, lobar or lobular, may precede the bronchial dilatation, both the lung and bronchi probably being infected at the same time. When it is all drunk up, clean with the decoction of fenugreek, barley, and cumin, having previously washed them with a sufficiency of tepid water, and add as much as is required. In this and other ways the disease has been kept in check, the maximum number of reported cases in Japan in any The epidemic was now spreading to the Sandwich or Hawaiian Islands, the half-way house of most of the trade routes between Eastern Asia and the United Maru, from Hong-Kong and Japan for America, landed a body which was found to have died from plague. If this be impossible, then the cheapest present quarters must be stamped out immediately, compulsorily and completely, at aU costs, so that the new accommodation should not have the unfair competition of quarters that are cheap only at the expense of the public safety. Febrile thirst may be mitigated, by pouring upon the head the coldest oil, or rose oil. The result will be as has always been when the oppressed and overpowering multitude becomes stirred with the madness and hunger of revenge.

At this tender age we may coupon also remark that the jugular is the only vein of sufficient size from which we can draw blood with certainty or safety, and for this reason, if for no other, should be selected. Zienmnn's labours in the fields of human and animal parasitology are too well known to necessitate any formal expression of opinion on the merits malaria from a region, whicli up to recent times was scourged by the infection. This also is of use to INFANTS are liable to an ulcer of the mouth called aphtha.

It is a sharp click, made up of only one element. Inquiries, however, have shown that gouty persons form only a small proportion of hayfever patients. He continued to experience uneasy sensations from the apparent lodgment of the ball in the lower part of the chest. As it'occuis principally with virgins and widows, he prescribes for them the Hudibrastic mode of wooing widows!! Eros gives the same account of the symptoms and treatment as the others. Retiring after the completion of the latter term, and making a tour fellow-directors have always had the greatest confidence in him, and they believe events will amply justify their unanimous choice of him as manager and secretary. There is no leucocytosis in this condition which distinguishes it Riedel and Robson have shown that chronic pancreatitis may be caused from the gradual extension of a chronic infection from common duct gall-stones. .werden, weil die Symptome ganz andere sind als die der Anfangskrankheit die Therapie in diesem Zeitpunkt aber keine Vortheile geben kann.

During the day, however, he continued to exercise his imaginary power over the luminary in "reviews" question. We had another case at the same time in the This variation in the relations which the pulse and respiration bear is this lady's state improved? Would you prefer having her in her present or past condition? Eor my part, I will say that in such a case I would rather have the pulse than the respiration accelerated.