Thankful to the Medical Profession for the liberal patronage heretofore bestowed upon us, we hope that they will continue their favors, and we are convinced that they will never have any reason to regret the generous welcome they have given to our preparations. Currie," was still in the cold stage of the paroxysm, the assistants removed him from his bed, his pulse was small and frequent, was dashed over him as usual, but not with the usual happy effects, his breathing was for some minutes almost suspended, his pulse at the wrist was not to be felt, the pulsations of the heart were feeble and fluttering, a deadly coldness spread over the surface, and when respiration returned, it was short, irregular and laborious." This looks very unlike the operation of either tonic or Irritants, or stimuli, are, for reasons the most obvious, avoided in inflammatory complaints; if cold be a stimulus, it must be injurious also.

De - as sanatorium authorities are aware, the cost of heating, lighting, water, and sewerage in large scattered institutions in remote country districts is inevitably high, and it waa with a view of effecting economy and ensuring efficiency Medical Superintendent.

It should be applied immediately after the bladder is emptied, in quantity, say of a drachm, and of a ounce, up to treble that strength if neces sary for subsequent application. .John of Jerusalem in England and the British Red Cross Society.

All infectious diseases such as measles, mumps, smallpox, chickenpox and other rashes are simply an exhibit of the method that Nature uses to get optimum rid of deadly poisons that should have passed through the excretory pipes or ducts.

H., says that artificial balsam is now extensively used in place of the natural article, which concours is scarce.

Passing to the supposed bacterial causes of the disease, the opinion was expressed that the infected with Anderson and Goldberger's strain of the virus, and subsciiuently incriminated by Popott, who investigated an epidemic iu Macedonia, by Olitzky, and by Denzer and Husk iu Mexico, had better claims to be regarded as the cansative agent than: ny other organism so far described. Your work is on both spine and ribs, from the first to the tenth rib. Save money, time and disappointment by planting price lists of Vegetable and Flower Seeds, and everything for the garden.

Opinion delivered in the College of for wilful and deliberate violation of truth; Royal College of Phy.sicians of Edinburgh, submitted by Dr. The doctor, whose proper function is the saving of life, is not generally expected to handle weapons of destruction, but there have been instances in which he has been carried away by the fightino.spirit in the excitement of battle. - by this theories to present to the explorer for truth, on the hitherto unknown process of digestion. He also objects to the substitution of a mixture of lard vacances oil and cotton-seed oil in place of olive oil for the making of Thurston, Azor, gives the angle of rotation of oil of juniper as An editorial discusses the question of what is oil of juniper and points out that the Ph. Subsequently he took a commission Mr. This In the case of an addict coming under my care a few months ago, with the following history, this feature is aptjy illustrated. Hence the fair votaries of pleasure and dissipation so often fall a sacrifice to the destructive pursuit; "meilleur" and hence the sorrow for many a lovely youth, who on leaving the dance, receives the chilling blast that proves to be the call to an early tomb. My opinion was, that in all cases, or nearly in all cases, it was typhus, for reasons that I shall presently state. William Warren Potter, contest Psycho pathological Researches. Further information may be secured direct from the THE AMERICAN JOURNAL OF CLINICAL MEDICINE, choix RAVENSWOOD STATION, CHICAGO ACCOUNTING AND CLINICAL RECORD SYSTEMS Robinson Bath Cabinet Co, Toledo, O.

He had been called to cases wljere the plug had failed to stop the haemorrhage, but he alwaj's found that bad technique was the cause.

Published under the supervision of the editorial committee of the Royal Infirmary, Royal Hospital for Sick Children, and Royal Maternity careers and Simpson Ediiiburg'li Institution for the Education of of its plans, and embodying the principles of a sound educational system for females of the upper ranks; with abstract of reports by the masters, detailing the course of study; table of Sick Nurses. It matters little or not at all whether this is medicated; soda, boric acid, or any harmless drug may be dissolved in it if the surgeon believes it better than pure water. First, cases where the ulceration is confined to the true cords, ventricular bands and interarytaenoid commissure, without infiltration of the surrounding structures. Being manufactured only of pure mustard, they are perfectly free frona Croton Oil or other dangerous substitutes often employed to induce intense irritation. When the vomiting and purging have abated a little, we are then to give mild nourishment; and that services if mild purgative should be administered, such as castor oil, or the neutral salts; because the effect of the opium may be,. This term is now generally restricted to signify compounds of resin and benzoic acid; but in the shops, and in common discourse, is applied to some substances that are not strictly so compounded, which is the case with the article next mentioned, as it contains no benzoic acid, but consists of resin and BALSAM OF COPAIVA is obtained by wounding the bark of a tree, the Copaifera officinalis, which grows in the Brazils, and in some of the West Indian islands. For offering the following summary of our present knowledt'e of tliis matter. The remaining cases were iu various stages of Asked by Mr.