Corrosion specimens from this group, although clearly demonstrating the occluded middle cerebral vessel, were useless in efforts to determine the presence or absence twelve to thirty-six hours after occlusion were free of any gross vascular deficiencies as defined by the plastic corrosion technic. The long ones take us into the field of the Hertzian, wireless telegraph or longer wave lengths. The action of the lower limbs has been compared to the walk of a cock, or the movement of the legs of a marionette. It is now known that the phenomenon of adoptive transfer can be demonstrated by employing not only lymph nodes but also single cells and even subcellular material, transfer factor. However, at Trinity all students were required to take a degree in Arts, and here his talents shone. I see, by examining this specimen, which the doctor presented to the Section, that it is simply making a convexity of the end of the tibia, which leaves the concavity, as seen in the specimen, upon the same principle that we take off the spine of the tibia, with our bone forceps, only with not so complete a convex surface. He thought that such a case, with others similar to it which were now accumulating, proved that the inflamed sac of the peritoneum might be dealt with in the same way as that of an ordinary Dr.

Browne's valuable contributions to psychological re, will be interested in knowing that the honor of Knighthood has been recently coupons conferred upon him.

In the case reported the tube was entirely free from membrane or pus MEDICAL SOCIETY OF THE DISTRICT OF SOME REMARKS ON THE MANAGEMENT OF PROTRACTED having brought this subject to the attention of the Society. In girls the abdominal muscles, above the pelvis, back, and neck, are employed with gymnastic apparatus or without, followed by free and more complicated set up exercises in groups, calisthenics, and dances, so that the demand on the nervous system would be great here and moderate there, slight or extreme, according to the physical and mental qualities of the individuals and with the main object in view to have an increased influence on the circulation of the blood, the In the years between twenty and thirty they reach the highest point of activity and the training is arranged for the increased demand for nerve control to gain in agility, endurance, and speed. It was surprising to find the existence of the extensive areas of exudation, often occupying a large portion of a lobe, that gave presents a very striking example. It is the people who suffer in silence, instead of protesting against such, fearful homicidal practitioners. The lower extremities showed bilateral contractures of the knees, bowing of tibiae bilaterally, and bilateral talipes equinovarus. In this ease there was present an acute pharyngitis, in addition had lasted a week, there was no change after ten days' treatment under doses of fifteen drops of the tincture of cocillaua.

If bacteriological control is not exercised we can neveknow whether the wound is asceptic. Thus the knee-jerk is uniformly absent when the thigh muscles are paralysed, and the elbow and wrist jerks when the arms are affected.

The pulmonary emphysema, with consequent venous stasis, accounted for the cyanosis, epistaxis, and fixation of the chest in the phase of extreme inspiration, with low stand of the diaphragm, which characterized these cases, and also accounted for the paradoxical physical signs in cases in which fluid developed in the chest. Moderate flattening of the entire brain surface was contained a dark brownish liquid material. The degenerative process is not limited, however, to the afferent spinal projection systems; various cranial nerves may be atrophied, and the peripheral nerves in many cases may exhibit degenerative changes. I would therefore like to submit my patient for the examination of those more experienced in the treatment of such ailments. Summarizes the application of hamamelis Virginica: There are three kinds of uterine haemorrhage originating in a fall or injury, especially where, the characteristic pains having been subdued, the hemorrhage continues. The principal infant foods were badly digested, and no improvement was made until cow's milk was given, peptonized at first and afterwards pure, being obtained fresh from a In October of the same year, while the child was still under treatment, hip-joint disease developed, which was cured by deep massage and inunctions of lanolin. In other cases, owing to atrophy of the interossei, the hands are markedly The muscles of the neck may be attacked later, so that the chin falls forward on to the sternum; this is usually preceded by a certain With regard to the lower limbs, the chief symptom is that of rigidity and spasm, and it is not usual for them to undergo atrophy of their muscles.

The ages of the patients at onset ranged from thirty-four to eighty-three years. In fact we may believe that any application that lessens or reduces the sensitive area of the inferior turbinated bones and posterior portioD of the nasal septum, will result in permanent benefit, since one patient of the writer's who suffered from"hay fever" befo re the development of polypi, was entirely relieved whenjthese growths were eradicated, and another obtained equal immunity through an injury that caused extensive ulceration and sloughing of the posterior border of the septum. The proviso that such bodies must be recognized by their State Societies goes for naught; we have one of these societies in my State; it does not affiliate with the State Society, and yet every member thereof would be entitled to recognition by the State Society and the American Medical Association. The greater the meteorological disturbance the more common and more marked are the symptoms observed. Greal numbers t" the gut is not perforated, but when- it may have be ThiiJ.

Navy and Marine Hospital Service, the Canadian Medical Association, or, indeed, for anything but the medical profession as represented by the If there is any doubt in Europe that a thoroughly national representation of the profession of medicine in this country can be obtained through the American Medical Association, then let there be"convened a meeting of delegates from the various universities, colleges and other public bodies" in the United States (and Canada), including the principal medical societies, the American Medical Association and the Hospital Service, in order to obtain such a thoroughly national representation as was done at London.