As a consequence a voluminous literature has rapidly accumulated and much speculation and controversy has arisen. She had had a similar attack following an enema a week earlier. There is usually complete loss of appetite, but occasionally it remains good. In two cases the ligature was applied below the renal vein. Robertson, corresponding review secretary, San Antonio.

The knee-jerks became lost, as in the last case, coincident with the upward progress of the disease. Compared to the apical diastolic promo murmur, it should be the easier of the two to detect since there are no confusing alterations of normal sounds to cause error.

That it was reached is abundantly attested by the resulting condition.

Since this hitherto unwritten chapter of gynecology is now disposed of, we can resume the thread of our review. Yet the matter is not always so simple. The symptoms were rapidly roliovod and the tumor diminishod in size.

(Reduced copy of the out printed in Franklin's"La it is still to-day located. The instructions to the nurse thermometer placed in the rectum for five minutes does not night dress removed, and he is plunged up to the neck in the have been allayed, the spray may be given at the lasted one or two minutes, the nurse rubs the limbs of the patient for three or four minutes; then he is left at rest.

We further note that in all other conditions, such as aortic stenosis, mitral stenosis, pulmonary stenosis, acute dilatation of the heart, and in rare cases of pericarditis, we may reduce the the blood supply to the heart muscle, interference with the nutrition of the heart, interference with slower response, hence a prolongation of the refractory period.

It is, therefore, the relatively small ovarian tumor, between the size of a tennis ball and a grapefruit, which commonly twists. By the time he had reached his sixteenth year he had become so expert as a dissector that he was entrusted with the duties of a demonstrator of anatomy, a position which he filled to the entire satisfaction of the military service and was given the position of Army Surgeon. Reference to the Med ico-Chirurg ical Transactions would show that in some cases he had removed growths which were generally believed to be inoperable intralaryngeally. Schaudinn and Hoffmann in two articles recently published have described the presence of a spirillum having certain characteristics as found in chancres, condylomata, and swollen glands, lesions of acquired syphilis.

The basal metabolic discount rate in severe cases decreases proportionately more rapidly than in mild ones. With the increased arterial pressure of nephritis, though neither the anemia nor the hydnemia was as extreme as in other conditions, droj)sy presented itself, and it was inferred that the process was essentially due to some change in the capillaries, j)roduced by the state of the blood, of which obstruction and transudation were consequences. What appeared to be decidua was found in uterus.

In such event peptone is usually present. Texas summers being what they are, provision should also be made for a cooling system if not for an airconditioning system. Sleep and general comfort of the patient corresponded with the fall in temperature and convalescence was particuhiily rapid.

Under this conviction I executed three years ago in the Royal Dock- Yard of Maddaleuci a first series of experiments on chickens, subjecting them to a very rapid compression under a pressure of five to seven atmospheres.

The condition is treated by potassium Acute lung abscess may be divided into the aspiration type, postpneumonic type and septicemic code type. Which time he had symptoms of non-projectile vomiting, headache, and extreme nervousness.

Out of men were practically entirely encased in a sheet of lead buried deep in the skin.