This procefs cannot, that an cedema would be a confequence of fimple extravafation. - the disease is chronic and progressive, terminating in death by exhaustion if not removed surgically. He has not worked since this time. I have repeatedly, by the aid of small incisions and forceps, extracted from the hairy scalp the teeth of horn and tortoiseshell combs, which had remained fixed beneath the skin for years, and caused much inconvenience; in like manner, rusty needles, from various parts of the body, which had got broken Sharp-pointed substances, as fragments of nails or glass, when infixed in the soles of the feet, the palms of the hands, or the bends of the fingers, are apt to occasion much distress. So far was this poor creature from being terrified at the experiment, that he left his own mailer's houfe, to come to that of the phiiofopher, where he had received more plentiful entertainment. It is a well known fact, that numerous ships from our own ports, as well as those of other nations, sail under the" temperance flag;" they furnish no spirits, nor will some of them ship a man that is not a pledged teetotaler. Having much less to contend with during the intermissions and remissions, the quinine will certainly more fully display its virtues, as a curative agent. More extended observations, and closer acquaintance with the works of such American authors as have seen the disease, would have saved him from this error.

Over the occipital lobes the exudate was haemorrhagic The bacillus separated from the exudate gave, under similar conditions, reactions identical to those given by the bacillus obtained That this case, then, was one of meningitis due to the Bacillus typhosus admits of no doubt. There remains the class of sore throats which arise from chills; there is hardly any more common accompaniment of a cold, or catarrh, as doctors call it, and some persons have several attacks each year; but they rarely last more than a week or ten relaxed throat, in which the mucous membrane is seen to be red and somewhat swollen, with a long, puffy uvula (the little ball which hangs in the center of the throat), and an increased amount of secretion.

From a study of such a specimen and a small number of clinical cases the writer draws a few"inferences which are at variance with the generally accepted views. Almost all the children in the Borgsdorf institution showed were free from adenoids and eidarged tonsils. Besides these, there are twenty-one preparatory Schools of Medicine scattered among the principal provincial towns.

Though exhibiting nothing peculiar in its symptoms or progress, the case was interesting, as presenting a striking exemplification of a fact which is strongly insisted upon by several of the greater or less insusceptibility of certain individuals to the modifying influence produced in the human system by variolation and vaccination, and upon which the immunity from a second attack of small-pox or of the vaccine disease depends. I see no reason why medical officers of health should not add to their preachments about communal prophylaxis, appeals for personal prophylaxis against insidious diseases of noninfectious nature which when once detected are often l)eyond cure. They are easily differentiated by focusing. These have hitherto been ascribed to the results of previous attacks of true rheumatism. There is marked muscle resistance all over the abdomen, and especially over the epigastric region. There was considerable tenderness over the left side of the abdomen. Port sanitary authorities were first constituted by the Public Health was so ably represented by the late Sir Richard Thorne Thorne, the question advanced one great step. Functional hfematuria, to which Senator has given the name essential renal hcematuria, and Klemperer that of angioneurotic renal hcematuria, has been a source of error in diagnosis and has led to surgical interference. Hematoxylin and eosin are good in the tropics and do not fade. Fifteen grains of calomel with half-grain of tartarized antimony, were given, and repeated at the end of two hours. But, if very be necessary to check the hemorrhage. After fpeaking of fome, peculiarities in the difpofition of the blood in particular difeafes, the author fpeaks thus always; but as the pulfe has but one circumfrance attending it, that we can really meafure, all the others being referrible to the fenfation or feeling of the perfon who is to judge of it, the true - irate of the pulfe is not eafily afcertained. There is often slight pyrexia at the height of the attack, but the temperature may be normal throughout the illness. This is sufificient to destroy ultimately most pathogenic organisms. Sulphur ointment (for the itch). Father, mother and five An enterostomy and perineal exploration was done.

After the crisis the cough usually becomes much easier and the expectoration more easily expelled.