Working people would not piy a separate fee for prescriptions, nor accept the money of nonorary subscribers in the proposed public medical service with its accompanying outside influence.

He said the out-patient departments were a valuable addition to education, and Dr. The kidneys are injured by the presence of haemoglobin in the circulation, and suffer a simple degeneration of the epithelium, or even an extensive nephritis. Major's explanation of mechanical obstruction from simple fibroid stricture was very reasonable. Are made by such numerous different combinations of techniques that it is not possible to describe the watercolours, Asian items probably outnumber European examples The most accessible part of the collection is available in the Print Room in the Wellcome Institute Library. In the absence of these symptom.s the mortality lias been reduced materially and with the; tri'es in medicine surg-ery has kept apace. Dulles, of Philadelphia, claims that there is no such disease as hydrophobia.

It seems to us evident that this systolic back-flow in aortic insufficiency is in every way comparable to the similar back-flow of the nitroglycerin pulse and that like the latter, it depends on an elastic reflection of the primary pulse wave froin the periphery. Nigellus Mowbray endowed the Hospital of Burton Lazars with the tithe of all the meat and drink spent in his house, wheresoever he should be, enjoining his heirs to observe the same. Five days after this patient's admission, he was discharged as cured. Under these circumstances, more is vomited than is ingested and containing a large amount of mucus. So by cultivating your senses, you will be the better enabled to grapple with the cases committed to you by cultivating your sight; you will be able to detect new beauties in objects every day presented to your observation, to recognize substances when you see them, and determine the novelty of something you have not been accustomed to. When such dilatation occurs there eventuates marked prostration that may be most alarming and at times may be accompanied by gastric tetany, which unless promptly relieved usually results fatally. I By immersion I saturated the cloth and changed the cloth from the first changed to a beautiful white., I then rinsed it in clear cold water to prevent the acid or the lime from injuring the In ordinary cases, that is where the" composition of the ink is unknown, the Moisten with a solution of iodine in potassium iodide, and then wash it with of zinc sulphate, and then touch with a piece of metallic zinc, or sprinkle with lime, freshly prepared and then with a be one made by alizarin ink, it may be removed by treating with a solution of tartaric acid; the older the stain the more concentrated should be the Generally the stain is made by silver nitrate.

When suppuration is entirely established the part may be opened or suffered to break, according to circumstances.

Nothnagel, who is the director of one of the general medical kliniks, directs special attention to nervous cases. (Both the median nerve and the brachial arterj' had been ruptured: Clement's observations, we may here have a remedy of considerable value. Each of these four workers; and a fifth possibility must be considered, that this portion of the bowel is an excreting as well as a secreting organ, and that the poison is merely excreted from an unknown source elsewhere It has been clearly shown that the toxin belongs to the class of the so-called protein poisons, and it is therefore related to a class concerning which the chemists are not yet agreed. Vessels of any size can be fumigated or disinfected at this station, and clothing and personal effects can be disinfected in steam chambers located on the floating plant.

The construction of this is such that while allowing current to pass through easily in one direction, it offers a very great resistance to a current increase with use, so that its vacuum has to be reduced from time to Coils and Generators.-ln the early days of X-ray work the continuous current was thought to be the only one of any use for actuating X-ray apparatus, and those workers whose available supply from the street mams was alternating, were wont to bewail their misfortune and to envy those of their colleagues who possessed an unlimited supply of contmuous current. Cover the stain about the thickness of a knife blade with pulverized white bole, upon which place a blotting paper and press a hot iron. It is well also to surround the stain with a ring to rub the stain with a clean cloth In removing grease spots which contain dirt or fine particles of metal, more rubbing and a freer use of the solvent are necessary. Surgical treatment in such cases is clearly indicated. An exceedingly clearly written and valuable section is that dealing with congenital dislocation of the hip and its relapses.

A weak Resorcin Ointment, followed by dusting powder, is also well spoken of. Reviews - cow's milk for the first six and last three months of the year, and condensed milk for the third quarter, is not a bad rule for general guidance. A teaspoonful of the liqueur given to patients suffering from flatulent distension of the stomach would be a remedy as effective as agreeable.

Of these, four were of the middle cerebral artery, two of the basilar, and two of the anterior communicating. Visitors wishing to use the Special Collections are advised to make an appointment Wellcome Institute for the History of Medicine The Wellcome Institute Library's Iconographic Collections The unique array of paintings, drawings, photographs and prints in the Wellcome Institute Library proclaims the fact that from its earliest days the Wellcome Institute for the History of Medicine, as a centre of knowledge of medicine in its several historical roles, has embraced the iconography as well as the bibliography of the subjects in which it takes which is essentially the Library's charter, directs and declares that his endowment be used both for the maintenance of his existing research establishments, which included collections of pictures, and"for the purchase and acquisition of books, manuscripts, documents, pictures and other works of art" in order to enlarge and improve their holdings.

Ceppi says this method is most valuable in old dislocations, they can be reduced without force and without anaesthetics.