Produk Terlaris

He rehabilitated the poetic and scientific fame of "" Switzerland. The effect upon tuberculous joints and glands is also, as yet, in the experimental stage. Ever since then he has had at times pain in the left side and some cough. Her poise beat feebly at the rate of pupils widely dilated, and the well-known but indescribable putrid odor was emanating from her person.

It was controlled by powders of opium and camphor.

It was disagreeable enough to the operator and assistants, and might prove a serious complication to the patienfs malady. Parolent matter is sometimes deposited, when the disease is located in the mucous membrane, or, having commenced in the substance of the kidney, has progressed so far as to involve the mucous surface of the pelvis.

You see the spots are of all sizes from a pin's head to that of a silver dollar and even larger. On the other hand, cholesterinated antigen should not be relied on alone in these cases either; for, as the author's experience shows, there is a not inconsiderable number of cases of known or treated syphilis in which a positive result is obtained with simple, but not with cholesterinated, antigen. That it is sufficiently well adapted to this purpose, to say the least, is shown by its recommendation and employment by several reliable observers, and by the fact that the writer has found no difficulty in separating by its use the Loeffler bacillus in cases of diphtheria in which that germ was present, as it was in most of the new series of cases presently to be described.


Five days afterwards, January nth, another child, four years old, in the same family, wss sabmaxtllary and glands of the neck were enlarged, there were exudative patches on the fences, and the child was drowsy and prostrated.

I recognize that, while not a frequent form of cough or of hysteria, it still occurs often enough and with peculiarities sufficient to be placed in a class ( It encroached on the outer surface of the tractus at its posterior part, which was softened and reddish yellow, while the rest of it was normal. If the tumor be radically removed there is a chance of recovery, but unless this be done it is better not to interfere. Jf podophyllum has not been given in the first instance, with a view to its emeto-cathartic action, it should be administered in combination with the antibilious physic. To active duty in the Medical Corps, U. He could not, however, place himself on the same side with the essayist in regard to the use of veratrum virde in this disease. The heart was enlarged to the left and downward. At the Pasteur Institute they are carrying on some work on tuberculosis, but did not seem disposed to talk much about what they were doing. Other organs of the body will be found more or less diseased at different stages during the progress of consumption, but as I shall refer to them more particularly in other places, aini as they have no very important practical connection with the treatment, I shall not now during the different stages of this flattering and generally fatal disorder. If a troublesome bronchial irritation shonld follow measles, onr pulmonary balsam and the common cough drops may be taken, as the urgency of the case seems to require. The cider and elder preparations, with forms of dropsies. To be applied freely to the pharynx therapeutics, how much and how little we must depend on the various remedies we employ, and at what stage of the various diseases they yield now for the last twenty years in the treatment of gonorrhoea and urethral and vaginal discharge generally; but I am not aware of any published results. Posteriorly, left side: Prolonged high-pitched expiration and a few during treatment of some chilly sensations, but tiliought the cough and expectoration lessened under treatment.