Over the surface of the tumor there was dullness at some points, resonance at others. Protective action of passively transferred immune serum and immunoglobulin fractions against tissue invasive stages of the dwarf Studies on immunity of calves to Dictyocaulus viviparus reinfection. They are usually given the title of"milk inspector," but not infrequently their titles are longer and indicate additional duties, such as"inspector of milk and vinegar,""inspector of milk, provisions, kerosene oil, and vinegar," etc. ORGANIZATION OF THE // BUREAU OF ANIMAL INDUSTRY. Aerial application of a chemical fog for the control of mosquito larvae and adults. As might be expected from the name of the author, the descriptions are exceedingly good, and leave little to be desired in point of accuracy and style. The applicability of some population growth models to a single-species laboratory population. The http findings are consistent with the existence of crossreacting immunologic responses in patients with in situ breast cancer. At the same t i mo, all the structures of the chest wall are preserved intact.

The occurrence of Danis hvmetus taygetus (Felder) at Bayview, New South Wales. I am somewhat disappointed in not having heard, however, so far as Chicago is concerned, more said about the prevention of the contamination of our water than the purification of it. Probably the greatest danger to life in this fever, complications not expected, is from starvation. Effect of diethylaminoethyl dextran on the Lipoic acid requirement of Mycoplasma species Mycoplasma infection in a Wisconsin dairy herd. Taxonomy of the rice stem borers. The stools retain for some time their natural color and consistency, but frequently become lighter than noiTnal, At "" a later period they are usually coated with a layer of mucus of a light-brown color, the dung balls presenting a glazed appearance, or at times they may be tinged with blood. Yet our ringworm patients have as a rule been so young, their average age at the In all of our cases the preparatory treatment has been practically uniform. Tore, not only our problem as Government officers, but it is a problem which confronts the State Hoards of Health, various county of Health, city Hoards of Health and the family unit itself. Subsequently potassium, the author made a deep incision around the cicatrix in the right great toe, with marked advantage to the patient. ' T he oldest and most valuable spring known.' Patronised by Royalty; the Nobility; the Medical Profession.

Bnould the vpterinarian making ttie examination finil such animals free from any eontagious or infectiow review test all dairy herds of ten or more cows within this State, the products of which are infectious disease, said veterinarian shall isfue to the owner or owners of such herd owner or owners of animals that are examineil.

Intraarticular application of oxytetracycline and tetracycline in horses and cattle. Herodicus, one of the masters of Hippocrates, in the fifth century B.

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