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Leave open to serious doubt, the authors consider, certain established theories that the carrier markedly influences, except in a sporadic manner and in susceptible individuals, the spread of epidemic meningitis. They are found so frequently that one is forced to the conclusions that in proportion to the number of individuals attacked, tuberculosis, after all, claims the full penalty in comparatively few, and that the majority of cases are light attacks, which run a course unrecognized from invasion to recovery.


(see Coma.) This is caused by distention of the bowels with gas, commonly called wind, thereby paralyzing the par vagus and nerve centres, and ultimately the brain itself This variety of colic is readily distinguished from the others by the swelling of the belly, particularly at the flanks, die body as speedily as generated. In a month's time we can repeat the review series if necessary. These all show a concentration symptoms suggestive or diagnostic of nephritis. There is a confused mental state attended at times by violence and destructiveness. Reviews - the urine is clear at times, but generally has a turbid color, with a heavy precipitate containing a large amount of mucus, pus-cells, red blood-corpuscles, and pelvic epithelium. Certain alterations have been necessitated by recent discoveries in pathology and advance in clinical diagnosis and treatment. In the rare instances in which there is no recurrence of the symptoms within a year or two following thyroidectomy the surgically treated patient has obtained either a natural cure, that is, the patient was one of those rare instances which tended toward spontaneous recovery. For example, it is stated that in tricuspid stenosis cyanosis is marked, but in our experience cyanosis in these circumstances is no greater in degree, perhaps less so, than that usually encountered pharmacy in mitral stenosis. On the external aspect of the thigh, just in front of the great trochanter, there is an area of some two inches square over which the insertion of a fine hypodermic needle is not felt, so barren is the skin of sensitive nerve filaments in that region. I cannot speak too highly of the value of gymnastics in the treatment of the chronic stage, as it is the only means we have which strengthens the muscles, breaks up tarsal adhesions, develops the elasticity of the joints, and increases the range of adduction. In the worst cases the woman must be put In cases of acute erythematous eczema of the extremities, when the itching and burning are very pronounced and annoying, the application of a dilute solution of adrenalin to the lesions will produce a rapid blanching of the parts and allay the intolerable distress.

Graham's was based on clinical observations. Ken and singing voice ewes its rich and musical character. And lumbar neuralgia and in meralgia paresthetica from radicular "legit" x ray treatment. Continued the fever mi.xture after adding digitalin and cyanosed, respiration impeded by phlegm, but little cough. One of the causes of summer diarrhea was the depressing effect of the atmospheric heat upon the sympathetic nervous system of the child, and also in diminishing its vital resistance. As the structures and shapes of flowers have been moulded into accommodation for insects, in order to facilitate cross-fertilization, so must the internal organs of all the higher forms of animals have had their structures and forms moulded into opposition to parasitism. Want of harmony between the clinical, anatomic, and chemic evidence is a most serious obstacle to a decisive result in court, and witnesses for the prosecution are sometimes singularly blind to very obvious defects of this kind in State evidence (pillstock.net). Since that time he had worked regularly for thirty years, and did not recall that he had experienced any physical Physical examination revealed a poorly nourished man, with marked arcus senilis; his radials and other superficial vessels contained numerous atheromatous online areas and were of pipe stem hardness. It is becoming more and more evident that the destruction of microorganisms is not the only or even the chief function of such remedies. Coupon - occurring in the course of constitutional syphih's may be divided into the superficial and deep, and are treated locally as well as constitutionally. The hours of attendance of Columbus, Ohio, show a decided improvement in the city's health since the inauguration of a filtration plant for the city water.