The skiagrams were taken skle by side on the same plate at the same time; although the bone of the irradiated tail is thicker than that of the unexposed, the Bhadow cast by the latter is denser. The location of the town is excellent, with natural drainage toward the river. A few grains of calomel at last brought away a large lumbricus, and a number" This case,' it is observed,' seems to prove, that the convulsive motions do not depend on obstruction of the bowels, for they were completely removed, even while the hardened scybala remained. It seems to me to be a difficult matter to determine whether or not there is such an aflection. The expression of the face is not cretinoid and is not prognathous. It is frequently caused by cold, or by some mental emotion of the mother, affecting the milk. HOT SPRINGS-AMI NATIONAL PARK MEDICAL CENTER JOURNAL OF THE ARKANSAS MEDICAL SOCIET LITTLE ROCK-ST. The "review" anaemia, the myxoedema of the face and extremities, the reduced body temperature, and even the abscesses, these improved again when treatment was resumed. Plans are underway to develop this network so that it is more user-friendly and accessible to more physicians. It is easily soluble in the body, readily absorbed, and enters with ease into every cell. Most of them run three or four times a week totalling twenty-five miles.

THE JOURNAL OF THE MAINE MEDICAL ASSOCIATION interest of physicians throughout the country has sharpened acutely in these first few months as they become aware of the deficits for operating expense of schools and of the eight two-year schools.

To his introduction he has added an amusing paragraph or two, in which he compares and contrasts the cold boiling springs flames and torrents of lava issuing from a volcano, and the gentle bubblings of these refreshing fountains. The patient now noticed that he was having some dilliculty in i)assing his urine, that it came in small (luantities, and in a short time lie was compelled to use a catheter, wdiich he had no troiible in passing, but only getting about a tablespoonful of urine. For the first three or four days, bathe the breast three times a day with a liniment composed of one ounce each, of Camphor, Oil of Sassafras and Oil of Cajeput. The eyes of one patient who was suffering from trachoma were inoculated The bacilli were present in the discharge from all of these cases as long as it lasted After a close study of fifteen or twenty cases of this disease I came to the conclusion that it possessed no tendency to destruction of the cornea or to the formation of granulations. Running along the common duct there were lymphatics and a series of lymph nodes which by enlargement might interfere with the duct; if these were left undisturbed at operation they would soon cause the same obstruction as primarily. This was followed by vomiting and unconsciousness, and death in coma occitrred three hours after the patient was admitted to the hospital. Deadline for payment of The following may be exempt from payment of State and County dues on recommendation by their county societies: Members who have completed fifty years of active practice; members in good standing when they have retired from active practice, or who have been physically disabled; and any member in good standing who has attained the age of seventy also exempt from payment of State and County dues.


The effects of mental influence in the cure of disease, may be seen both in individuals and in When the empiric succeeds, as he sometimes with his bold assurances may chance to do, in suddenly raising an invalid from his bed, though science and skill have failed to do it, he commits the same error that Berkeley and Perkins did in the choice of the antecedent as the cause of the result, when he attributes it to some medicine, or to a magnetic fluid which is said to stream from his magic fingers. The pure Mohammedan religion does not appear to have any influence in the causation of latah. Moreover, Eberth, in a case of meningitis following pneumonia, believes that he found the same micrococci in the lungs and in the liquid exuded obtained from the purulent exudation in the pia mater in the exudate of the meninges in cerebro-spinal fever, and lAich is supposed to sustain a causative relation to this disease, bears a close resemblance in form to the pneu. Hop tea may be drank freely, and a grain of Opium, given every three or four hours. Vaginal examination shows, of course, a prominence high up on the posterior wall of the pelvis, and the obstetrical side of this aspect of the question has been elaborated with the greatest thoroughness and coupon by the most careful measurements. The process may be explained as follows: Some of the epithelial cells in their advancing proliferation penetrate the lymphatic channels and are carried in the lymph stream to the nearest lymphatic gland, where they again proliferate and form secondary nodules; from these a similar extension occurs,".As to the mechanism which bacteria make use of in order to produce disease, according to our present knowledge, they work chiefly through the poisonous substances formed by them and deposited in the bodies of the persons suffering from the disease. The instrument I use is like Ultzmann' s in being open only at its tip. For we think we have found out something of value to those who are concerned with the treatment of the respiratory affections of children and in adults as well.

Rubbing the limbs with the hand, or with a piece of flannel cloth, will restore the warmth, and will also relieve the cramps in the muscles. Trachelorrhaphy, but that he should be obliged to differ with its author concerning some of the details of treatment He thought that the LOCAL APPLICATION OF NFTRATE OF SILVER did more harm than good; weak solutions of iodine were more beneficial. Physicians should study the designs ot nature, and endeavour to assist her efforts.