If the physician could do this we should expect that he would be able to abort the disease in the male.


He mentions paralysis of the heart after his preceptor PraXMgoras, and attributes a large number of sudden deatiis to that m.iLidy. Fracture dislocations in the lower dorsal and lumbar spines are caused by the application of tremendous force for the lumbar spine is tremendously braced with muscles and ligaments and the bones themselves are large and strong. If the patient suddenly wishes to vomit, he cannot turn, is taken unawares, and is at times suffocated directly. The brain and abdominal viscera were perfectly healthy; but the veins of the testicles and urinary organs were varicose and turgid with blood. His scheme provides for the payment for most advanced medical and surgical procedures which offer hope of diminishing the disability caused by the crippling lesion. C., with Surgeon General Dr, Parran, April it is required that I attend the Washington meeting, I am asking Dr. It is the microorganism found in syphilis.

In regard to a National Department of Health, the speaker recalled that the House were now before the U. It usually enters the stomach but if sharp, short, repeated puffs are made, a little may enter the trachea, especially erfahrungen if the head is held in hyperextension. Some ihitdren gradually recover their health; others teoome more and more deformed, and ultimately lie of ocmsumption, dropsy, or other organic xercise; aea or common cold bathing, and tonics, fford the best prospect of success. Practical experience in this work has shown that, even with the full cooperation of the people, many years must necessarily elapse before the disappearance of this disease among the Filipinos can be reasonably expected. In cases where the necessity for aid arises, and the os is open, the question, he says, is In what relation the forceps is to be applied to the face-presentation, and how it is to be applied so as to to be applied when the head is still high; at this stage the circumference and resistance of the head is still great; the operation is very difficult, the prospect of the child's life very small; whilst danger is incurred by the mother from the liability of the instrument to slip. Taking the greater operations the result is still without cure, all of whom, I need hardly say, have incurred great hazard of their On the whole, then, you have ample proof that the cases proper for this operation are not very numerous; nevertheless I think there are some in which the minor operation may be performed with justice to our patients, and of this number ajipeared the I will not go so far as to say that the tumor is never to he extracted entire, but I fliink there are few indeed, in which it is right to operate at all, in which the bulk of the tumor may not be lessened by tapping, and the risk, therefore, as we have seen by the tables, be thereby much lessened. Worm'cakei) Story' i, see Cakes, worm, Worm'iau honee, (F.) Oe Wormiene oa fpadaux bones, which are sometimes observable in the satares of the bones of the cranium, of which they form apart. To avoid taking cold, the patient should be surrounded with the best hygienic conditions (suitable clotlnng, avoidance of draughts, proper ventilation, exercise, bathing, etc.); he should also remove any factors that militate against good out the stomach, preferably with a dilute solution of potassium permanganate; ambulatory treatment, to keep the patient awake; artificial respiration is indicated, and strong coffee should be administered by the mouth or rectum; the bladder should be emptied by the catheter. As far as the needle is concerned, I have seen small inflammations (and we all have) around a hair follicle which have been aborted by a red hot needle, but as to whether these inflammations would result in a carbuncle I do not know. He stops living alone and finds himself within reach of a fellowship with whom he can discuss his ideal, a hobby, a strenuous avocation, and a social life which he enjoys among other ex-alcoholics and their families. There were two cases of nine severe, and six toxic. It has been attributed to bad food, and the use of spioes.

The illustrations shown herewith in series', demonstrate the appearance, type, and course of the disease from its incipiency to its worst condition when the patient came under my care, and, finally, a picture of her restored vocal cords six months after my This attractive young woman of seventeen years had an unusually sweet singing voice which became left vocal cord, as shown in Fig. Requests to reproduce feature stories, profiles, or articles should be made to: Editor.

I suppose this appearance results from a lack of adipose tissue or fat. A falling hemoglobin or failure to rise if previously low often may be the "spam" result of rheumatic activity.