By The fourth edition of DaCosta's well-known text book on Physical Diagnosis shows many alterations considered with the broncho pneumonias. They are probably identical with agglutinins. Cotillo Narcotic Bill be supported by the House of Annual Registration Bill now before the Assembly." amendment to the Workmen's Compensation Bill as Dr. Cash to general medicine and surgery, and the Lucien of surgery, preferably ophthalmology, will be awarded by the Medical Society of the State of The officers of the Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Section invite any who expect to be present at submit titles of papers. Their stolid faces show no joy in all these dragging Their scanty food, the very worst, is moistened by Their life's a burden: all their days pass in a longdrawn pain, Wasted by winter's bitter snows and summer's ruthless rain: The sun god on their masters smiles, the priests They stretch their hands in vain appeal, but dumb They send their hungry cry for bread up to his burning throne, And in return, O pitiless heaven! receive a senseless In the dark forests of the north, where boundless waters flow.

Chloroform is a heavy, colorless liquid of a characteristic ethereal odor, a burning, sweet taste, and a neutral reaction; it is but sparingly soluble in water, but miscible with alcohol and ether in all proportions.

Surg., Gynecol, and Stookey, Byron: The Limitations of Tinel's Sign in Peripheral Nerve Injuries. Budd has proved, by a careful collation of a large number of authentic instances, that the relation of these two morbid conditions to each other, is exactly the reverse: that the dysentery is the primary disorder, and the hepatic abscess seris the secondary; the link of connection between them being the same as between suppurative inflammation of a vein, and the formation of pus in parts more or less remote. Sometimes military reasons made it seem imperative to retain in hospital every man whose recovery would have added a musket to the active armies. It is of great interest to note, however, that none of the subjects developed any distinctive clinical manifestations of beriberi; whether they would have done so eventually had they continued on the diet is an interesting Judging by the fact that none of the men showed the slightest recognizable indications of scurvy the content of the diet in the antiscorbutic factor would seem to have been adequate for the period of With regard to the adequacy of supply of the fat soluble vitamin, it is difficult to judge by reason of the meagerness of the available fundamental data; none of the men developed any eye symptoms currently considered suggestive of a deficiency in this food essential. Once I "erfahrungen" have known it spread from the neck, behind, up to the hairy scalp. I can only say that I have, fortunately, had no knowledge of the political"tricks" of which he spoke, and I think it would be ill-advised for the Society to change its methods for the election of its officers. Otherwise the parenchyma was normal. For when wood has been weighed and after being burned its ashes weighed too, one learns how much water was in the wood, for only water and earth have a heavy weight. It must represent some other process. Clavicle: The acromial end and the near acromial end were more often affected than the sternal end or the middle.


The Queen Mother was sent away from the Court to Compiegne, whence brother, who was a Marshal of France, were arrested.

He was nursed at two-hour intervals and in the very young and almost exclusively made decided gain in weight. Mention the functions of the articular cartilages. At the State Capitol, the prevailing winds the temperature was considerably lower, the absolute and the relative humidity, and the Compared with the average for the month of May in the preceding six years, intermittent fever, remittent fever, pneumonia, and with the average for the corresponding months temperature was slightly lower, the absolute humidity and the day and the night ozone less, and the relative humidity slightly more.