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The argument that all the meat of an animal affected to even the slightest degree with any disease should be totally and utterly condemned, if carried to the extreme and to its logical end, would result in the condemnation of practically every animal slaughtered and the abolition of meat as food. The lighter beers, used in this country are much less liable to produce gout than the heavier English and Scotch ales, (c) Food plays a role equal in importance to that of alcohol. He sees no evidence that tuberculin per se exerts a specific influence over spina ventosa, the successful management of which can go ahead under the old regimen. The gastric crises which occur in affections of the spinal cord, particularly in locomotor ataxia, may simulate very closely the gastralgic attacks of ulcer, and as they so often exist in the preataxic stage their true nature may be overlooked; but the occurrence of lightning pains, the ocular symptoms, and the absence of the knee reflex are indications usually sufficient to render the diagnosis clear. In the third the vomiting ceased; but it was found that article on the serotherapy of the Dermatoses and vomiting of Pregnancy, and of Eclampsia, in the Zcitschrift but I have not yet been able to lay my hands on this the serum of normal pregnancies for u.se in cases of parturient autointoxication, Franz collected aseptically the blood from the umbilical cord in a number of deliveries, centrifuged it, filtered it through porcelain, and stored it with chloroform in small bottles in the dark. Date of Treatment, Amount of E: review. The distention of the vagina by the gauze packing makes this an easy matter. On Thursday the Local Government Board issued an official statement showing which were cases of the Asiatic type, and that some others were not of that character. The Graafian follicles so open that they may burst a very short women, during the period immediately following confinement the uterine mucous membrane may undergo a County Medical Society has appealed to the Board of Health, of Philadelphia, to place tuberculosis upon the list of contagious diseases to be reported to the Board.

These simple points are sufficient to permit the ready distinction of species by almost any individual. The peritonseum over the stomach, intestines, and mesentery is sometimes greatly thickened. The condition, as revealed by examination, Drs. No doubt this viewfpoint could be confirmed by statistics. The solid growths of the ovaries may cause considerable ascites, which may completely mask the true condition. A case in point prompted him to bring up this question.