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CENTRAL VALLEY, Orange County, N. Fiotillcation had been rejected on the grriimd that it was likely to do more harm tlian good.

Eight hours later symptoms, the blood culture was positive; the spinal fluid contained eight cells; the culture was positive.

The very fact that they approved of it, moreover, was one of the most convincing arguments that could be made in its favor. A stimulating nitrogenous diet, besides, might possibly increase the activity of the malignant growth.

The cholesterin is arranged in layers between which bilirubin-calcium exists in greater or less quantities. The urine was passed in large amount (fifty ounces per diem), and the last thirty-six hours, may have indicated a desire for oxygen incident upon the diminished oxygencariwing power of the blood. USE OF THE SPECTROSCOPE AND MICROSPECTROSCOPE IN THE DISCOVERY OF BLOODSTAINS AND DISSOLVED BLOOD.f The discovery and recognition of blood-stains, and more especially of human blood, has been a problem which has long baftled the skill of the chemist, and the more highly trained medico-legal eye of the microscopist; and any means by which our medical jurists can lessen the dillicultiesand facilitate the inquiry, must be hailed as a boon by all scientific observers. The term"cholera infantum" is the one most frequently used incorrectly.

At Bonn, even theological colleges of the Catholic and Protestant persuasions have a bodies, which are pure examining boards, raise medical education much more by testing in common the pupils of various schools than if each of these schools could directly qualify its students. This Committee, which country, is consulting on the subject, and will, we believe, shortly meet to discuss a scheme for the Committee of Council: 33. We found that the incidence of satisfactory therapeutic digitalizations by this dose was very high. He found no tubercle bacilli, and tliought it possible that he had decolorised tlm bacilli, having had recourse to rather violent methods of gettiilg the fuchsin eondition during life was unknown, as the patient was admitted into hospital in a dying state, and lived only a few liours. Tin; PRESENT ASPECTS OF DISEASE. His character and tone of mind were alike admirable.

The telephone number is The Goldwater Memorial Hospital has a position open. Jour, of poisoning are alkaline solutions, soap being especially useful on account of its detergent effect. If thereby we can avoid, in large measure, such deplorable results as above pictured, and such as present themselves to the study of every practitioner of medicine, may we not feel that our profession has taken another step in the right direction, and, by the establishment of tnith, added in some share to A BACKWAKD dislocation of the elbow of seven months' standing, reduced by Dr. Notwithstanding the vigorous application of all the usual remedies, his pulse and respii-ation incijeased irregular ulceration situated on the left side of the throat involving both the larynx and jjliarynx.

For indeed, were modern man given command of some of our accrued knowledge he should be able to engage in the struggle for existence without rapid destruction of his heart muscle, and enjoy sex-life to a degree unknown and unappreciable to primitive man.

Cillespie, who kindly allowed Infirniaiy, under the care of Dr. According to Uchermann, this may be explained by supposing that, the greater number of children there are born, the more strongly the hereditary to recent statistics, in about one-half of the cases of acquired deaf-mutism the deafness is acquired during the first three years of infancy, the greater number of cases falling in the third (statistics from the United States) or the second (European statistics) year of life; then comes the fourth, the first, the fifth, sixth, and birth and resulting in deaf -mutism. Mercier and Campbell put to us the following question:" What are the forms of insanity which are accompanied by a low breaking strain of the ribs?" This, it seems to me, is difhcult to answer, for is there a standard of excellence even in health I-' The hoops of the thorax must vary considerably in breaking strain at all times of life, whether we examine them under sane or insane conditions. The spleen, liver, and kidneys were not palpable. In the alcohol habit it satisfactorily neutralizes the craving for spirits, and will be found of great service in Quinidine is believed to have the same action and medical properties as other cinchona salts, and to be equally as efficacious as quinine without giving rise to the disagreeable nervous effects occa sionally observed when the latter is given in large doses. She improved under general treatment, but soon relapsed. Croft also weeks presented a case of Deformed Finger resulting from Mr. The mind of the patient, sooner or later, becomes involved, the memory and judgment are enfeebled, and, whatever power of self-restraint the sufferer may originally have possessed, there is now little hope of his being able to exert it successfully to resist the indulgence (flippa). Whatever success the method had was due to the fact that the long course of years in which the system had been in use had developed a race of highly trained nurses, and this was, of course, a most valuable adjunct in any treatment. It was a little singular that, in most cases, it seemed the tumor occurred on the left side. On the other hand, several authors hold the view that cholera nostras is a disease etiologically different from Asiatic cholera, appearing generally in sporadic cases, but sometimes becoming epidemic. It consists, as you see, of two well-fitting segments, one for the pelvis and the other for the thorax, connected posteriorly by an extension-rod, provided with joints for lateral and Appropriate shoulder- and hip-straps are used to fix the segments immovable upon the pelvis and thorax, and elastic cords are provided to connect the segments on the side opposite the contracture.