Fraser affured me little impreffion could be "reviews" made on them, by any means,, he could fuggeft. In many departments of medicine and sni-gery the early recruiting boards varied so greatly in theil- standards that the Ministry of National Service issued"General Directions for the Guidance of Medical Recruiting Boards." Those of us who drew up the medical part of these had many helpers, and, with tho aid of Dr. In the early stages standards of efficiency were not deliuito and had to be evolved or altered.

LYou owe it to yourself and to the Yourjlfirst" duty is to your local society, your second duty is to your state association, and your third duty to your"regional" association, The"Xote"the date of your next meeting and BE Keep in mind that your"regional" association, The Southern Medical.Association, meets in Dallas make that the greatest medical meeting ever held We exercise the most scrupulous care in the manufacture of our A bottle sealed from our laboratory is an assurance of quality within that would be hard to express in words; a trial only could adequately express. Immediately after the Penal Board the ordinary monthly meeting was held. This did not fructify, and here I would mention that during the war numerous consultants of the a la suite Territorial staff and Colonial M.O.'s liave been temporary surgeon-generals (now major-generals); no Territorial medical officer, pure and simple, has been should not only be permitted, but when desirable should be insisted upon; it can be generally carried out easily, if the I found out in the City of London Division, where all the units were comparatively near, and where I, having entirely retired from practice, could devote the whole of my time, aud perhaps could spend more money on a hobby than many men in practice Could, things were difficult: difficulties which must have been almost impossibilities for the practice, if he could have afforded the money, could have Transfers from one division to another were also possible. The malarial parasites come out distinctly as reddish-violet bodies with this stain, and it is especially serviceable in staining the ring-shaped bodies of the aestivo-autumnal infection. In states of neurasthenia and exhaustion the pressure may be less in the erect posture, and is maintained by a greatly accelerated heart-beat. After severnl unsatisfactory experiences I have concluded that compulsory vaccination should be restricted to school communities in which smallpox is present. Another peculiarity is the rapid disappearance of callous spots from the feet: card. Fields to which no cattle have access, and at once ploughed under by horses.

Similar resolutions were recently adopted by the New York State Medical Society. These facts are explained by some old-school authorities as an effect of the law of substitution, but by the followers of Hahnemann as a practical demonstration of the law of similars. Was graduated from the University of North Carolina with the degree from the College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York City. And it is quite as much that which is not shown, but which we must see by reason and intelligence, that is often of the greatest value in the plate itself.

The permanent catheter should never be employed in cases of partial resection and subsequent complete suturing of the bladder; if necessary the patient is catheterized at appropriate intervals ( This accident is due to spasms caused by compression of nerves or by reflex action. In its active movements too it often presents but one end, The germ is fatal to guinea-pigs, and in large doses to cattle, sheep, and goats, but can be inoculated with diflBculty only on rabbits, horses, and asses, while dogs, cats, swine, and chickens successfully resist it.

These are points which We believe it to be much more easy to acquire facility in reading auscultatory than percussion sounds. .-Xnd its local manifestations should have much in common with those of these diseases. An injection of salt and water assists the expulsion of segments of taenia from the rectum.

Barker was unhesitatingly chosen for the most enviable position open to a medical man in America.


The terms are not exactly synonymous but when this disease is of the acute form, we have as a rule the pharynx and contiguous parts involved.