After ten to fifteen minutes it attains its maximum degree, at which time the perineum and anus are anesthetized. They are shy and attempt to escape, IjLit defend themselves fiercely when attacked, says Gunther; tiiey lie coiled up, and, when irritated, dart in a peculiar manner sideways, uncoiling tliemselves as though with a spring. With water and steaming under a tropical sun, and iience would arise the fevers, excited by exposure to work in the open air.

New accommodations have been provided in the general hospital, and the Maternity Department now offers better facilities than ever before. Didactic Course in Diseases of the Eye once weekly, October to February, Dr.

Fresh air, exercise and proper diet combined with the use of tuberculin and creosote constitute the essentials of treatment. WHiile thus recording our coupon losses, we may also recount our gains. Paul standing on her left hand; by the first of whom the cross, which was at the end of her beads, was miraculously transformed into four large gems, incomparably more precious than diamonds; with many other, marvellous revelations which we cannot find room to detail. So far as our faith is concerned, there is no cause for alarm as to no review contradictions in the two books.

They willingly avoid the light, burying themselves under the bed-clothes, or under the straw of their cells. Following day, three toes cold; great plain of much pain. To more especially enunciate this point, let me detail to you the classical description of the common but not individually diagnostic symptoms as they occur in colic; later compare the various forms of colic, so-called, one with another as expressed by certain special features, in this way arriving Directing our attention to a superficial examination and an historical sketch we note that the skin exhibits a condition varying in degree from the usual normal appearance to either a;tiot, dripping sweat or a cold, clammy feel; it may be loose or -tense and drum-like; expression ranging from a dumb, dull look Tto one of intense anxiety; nostrils more or less distended, respirations accelerated and at times quite audible.

We have failed in obtaining any reaction from the application of iodine, and the existence of concentric rings is doubtful. S., with good result; it would act admirably as a stimulant, and if it escaped into the peritoneal cavity it would be less irritant than many trust to remedies administered in the ordinary way. Cullen's idea of the nervous power, as we have already had occasion to observe, is very far from being explicit: for he defines it" a subtile very moveable fluid included or inherent in a manner rue do not clearly understand in every part of the medullary substance of the brain and nerves.""While in other parts of his writings he represents it as never Insanity, posscss qualitics beyond the ordinary endowments of j'taziness. I had him carried to a box, reduced dislocation, applied another blister, turned him Colt made a complete recovery with a slight enlargement of the joint,, whicli has entirely disappeared. Physician to the Murray lioyal Institution for the Insane, While travelling in New Zealand code and Australia some years ago, and more particularly while residing in the province of Otago, New Zealand, I was struck with the evidences that everywhere presented themselves of the extent to which immigration occurs among males thus accidentally directed to the subject, I made special inquiries thereanent in the course of my colonial residence and excursions; which inquiries I have since extended at home, with the following I. Applicants must not be graduated from a high school or have the equivalent of such a degree of education.

The dissecting room is a very spacious apartment, after the design of the new dissecting room in the Edinburgh University, It is lit entirely from the north and is provided along one side with a gallery for the display of preserved preparations.

The surface of the chancre was excoriated and its base extensively indurated. Spear clearly shows that influence to have been a most important factor in the extension of the disease.

Purees should be given to subjects of subacidity and anacidity. Cullen, that all bittej's contain in the bitter principle itself a narcotic and mischievous power, these ought to be carefully abstained from, but we have alieady observed that this does not seem to be the fact. The profession of law, but also undignified to the profession of medicine, and as wholly without the province of medical organizations, and while the crime in thi.s one instance was not to be actually consummated, but only the attempt was to be charged, yet I felt and still feel a sense of abhorrence even to securing evidence against a member of the medical profession, a profession than which there is none more dignified, honorable and far-reaching in its influences and offices.

The pain was entirely in the right iliac region, and no definite tumour could be felt in any part of the abdomen.

Frank Crouch, M.D Professor of Clinical Ophthalmology and Otology Wm. Spindlecelled sarcoma was most apt to attack the lower half of the body, and was very apt to recur.