Of the fluidity of the blood; or, with Mr. Capacity for such continued growth is conspicuous in the masters vestigation of your fellows, you will be surprised to find how early growth may cease and how significant the event can be. Waller, James Bruce, B.S., Milwaukee County Wasserman, Reuben Robert, B.S., University Cabrini Hospital; New York City Hospital, New York, New York ( If examination reveals papilledema or retinal vascular not been demonstrated, it is recommended that for any patient who has missed two consecutive periods, pregnancy should be ruled out before continuing the contraceptive regimen.

Looked at from this point of view, the Oerman army must be regarded as an important part of the educational system of the country, though as a piece of educational machinery its workings can not be considered economical.

According to the figures given, the annual deaths for each thousand workmen from diseases of the lungs, between the ages of thirty-five and forty-five years, were eleven and thirty-six hundredths; while for the male population of the same ages exclusive of miners, the deaths were three and fiftytwo hundredths. There is no greater opportunity for service, and in spite of many abuses, no greater satisfaction than being in the mainstream of political activity and becoming more knowledgeable about government through participation. Webster The Future Inlluencc of the Johns Hopkins Hospital on the Medical Profession of Four Cases of Intra-Cranial Disease caused by Chronic Suppuration of the aliddle Affections of the Gall-Bladder, tending to result in Cutaneous Biliary Fistula. But that which renders my investigations particularly interesting to physiologists, is the establishment of a direct connexion between these variations of color and certain established making some experiments upon dogs in relation to the elimination of various substances by the kidney, I was struck with the fact that the blood discharged from this organ by the vein was as red as that which entered it by the artery. For want of this reform, it is no exaggeration to say that not a house in a hundred in any of our large cities is properly protected from most common arrangements for drainage, it is desirable to obtain an insight into the nature of the movements of currents of water and air mixed Over the pipe of a water faucet let us attach a few feet of rubber tube, and insert in the other end of the rubber tube a glass tube as thick as a quill, and two or three inches long.

The sequence of marginal convolutions at the summit of the sensory tract; the combination of these to form ideas and their employment in trains of thought in the convolutions withdrawn from immediate relation with the outer world; the propagation of excitations to the third left frontal convolution, leading to the selection of certain sound groups; the co-ordination in the corpus striatum of the muscular movements required to produce those sounds; and finally, the transmission of impulses from the several nuclei of the medulla ohlongata to each individual muscle required to be brought into play. Quite apart from the conventional career of the physician, the surgeon, or the different specialists, are the opportunities for usefulness in the wide-spread movements which are socializing medicine. The Arthritis Foundation looks forward to rapid growth with increasing opportunity for physicians to participate in the arthritis movement. The patient, an adult, suffering from osteitis of the cervical vertebrae, was painted with tincture of iodine just below the mastoid process over an area three inches square, only one application being made. Ehrlich discovered that each of these tissues gives a specific reaction to stains, and that they react differently in health and disease. The medical student probably values more highly the medical surroundings. There is no sort of doubt that our climate, with its great lack of moisture (away from the sea-board), with the severe cold of its winters and the intense heat of its summers, with its rapid and great variations of temperature at all seasons, is a most trying one, especially to the delicate nervous organization of females. The same woman has been known to give birth to several children with cystic degeneration of the expressed the opinion that the original seat of the cyst-formation is in the uriniferous tubules or in the Malpighian capsule, and that during the progress of the disease these cysts may lose their connection with the tubule from which they started. Since then he had had from the stomach; three months later he died suddenly. This is chiefly because great discoveries are as a rule not ripe for use. As to this, the writer can speak from experience, having caused it to be introduced into chimneys in a row of houses on Broad Street, above Montgomery Avenue, in the city of Philadelphia, of which he directed the construction.

The features of the vegetable world are here all displayed with increased attractions, and adorned with garments of the rarest tints and costliest workmanship.

The patient dragged one foot in walking, due to involvement of the cord. In suspected staphylococcus infections, proper laboratory studies (including sensitivity tests) should be The use of penicillin may be associated with the overgrowth of penicillin-insensitive organisms.