He has an intelligent, bright expression, is better nourished and more muscular than formerly, the eyes are not as prominent, and the sclerotics are still white. Repeat this night and morning until a relaxed condition of the The object is not a strong purgation, but a laxative effect, which should be continued several days. After this occurrence the gall presents quite a reviews different appearance, being larger, lighter in color and weight, and less rich in active constituents, such galls being distinguished in commerce as White galls, and less or less in diameter, with a short stipe, the surface smooth. In this all will probably agree that the primary aim of may furthermore be taken for granted that an efficient practitioner is one who is able to observe accurately, to think clearly and to act wisely Keeping in view this primary aim and ultimate purpose of medical education, to train efficient practitioners, we may next consider the methods, the ways and means, whereby this aim is to be accomplished. Each animal was well fed and cared for and occupied a seperate hutch in a room having a uniform three weeks a decided hair-atrophy was perceptible on the anointed parts, especially the head and back of both the animals, within a week portions of the hide as large as the palm of the hand became quite bald. The fauces are bridged over, as it were. Small doses of phosphate of soda, or bone dust have been long lauded in the affection, and probably act beneficially as a tonic as well as a food material.

And if hysteria can affect them, then there is no limit to their possible degree of aberration, except the capacity of the tissues to produce and husband heat, and their tolerance of high temperature without coagulation. Convince you that there are two perfect intelligences in the body. INFLAMMATION OF THE MILK-BAG OR UDDER mammary gland. The exciting causes are over-feeding, rendering the system too prethoric, or exposure to cold and dampness from want of shelter affected parts swell, and often suppurate, discharging quantities of pus and with it more or less synovial fluid.

The drying of a sputum does not rob the bacillus of its life; sputa dried for eight weeks, and injected into guinea pigs, produced acute miliary tuberculosis in every instance. These springs are ten in number, and are of the salinesulphureted variety. Colon lie iu front, and if the liver should happen to be enlarged and if the stomach and colon should be full at the time when the injury occuri'ed, the pancieas could Itardly escape a frontal attack. A Guide to the Practical Examination of the Excretions, Secretions and the Blood, for the Use of Physicians and Transactions of the Indiana State Medical Society.

It has been shown that rabbits poisoned by doses of acid that would ordinarily prove fatal quickly recover when treated with suitable doses of alkaline salts.

The effect is intensified if the animal has just emerged from a dark.stable or a darker mine.

Why have melancholy beasts long ears? A. The book has been somewhat delayed in its appearance, but this could hardly be avoided when the extraordinary labors of the committee are taken into consideration. In our lands and time have we not our Christian scientists and faith cares? And, alas! how many pseado-holy creeds and opposite isms do the unthinking faithful follow and worship; impelled by the same emotional impulse which sent the hordes of central Europe to miserably perish on the Much more might be adduced to prove and illustrate the extent of psychic influence over human action, but a time limit compels haste to a consideration of the second phase of this subject: The of disease. Most veterinarians suppose that this is impossible, owing to the narrowness of the sheath interfering with the extraction of the penis, and the S shaped curve in the penis preventing the introduction of the catheter. An immigrant woman was brought into hospital and found to have a swelling of the abdomen which progressed rapidly.

However, by this very departure clinical medicine itself suffered a visible retardation in the development of its own department.

Madison Taylor states that fibromyositis is often a common factor in many states variously named where either pain, tenderness, or lameness is a feature.

These are the only facts, however, that favor such way as an intoxication with rotten fruit will cause with general as well as with cutaneous symptoms. It is, of course, hopeless to attempt to demonstrate practically all of even the more important facts that the student should learn." Moreover, observed facts are often apparently inconsistent with each other. Teaching and (c) research throughout the hospital, the undergraduate instruction and (c) the postgraduate instruction, are questions for the wise to decide. Incidentally it was the link between Lady Mary Wortley Montagu's preventive inoculation and Jenner's vaccination, on the one hand, and modern theories of the production of immunity on the other. Siemens related some facts about scientific research and its value to man.