The patient respired the vapor under Dr. Further, the possibility of a postoperative pneumonia is decidedly greater. Ror.ERT Barnes, of London, believed that disease of the uterus was the most common cause of hemorrhages; but that disease of the placenta was also a cause. All the manifold statements of the existence of infantile phantasies in cases of neurosis are worthless as having etiological significance, for the same phantasies are often found in normal individuals. Raynaud, I resolved to try the efficacy of the remedy in the first cases that should come under my notice. The employment of such talent as Dr. - medicahnent, and fof a purging potion. Their appetite and strength improved daily, their breathing speedily became free, their countenance clear and lively, their pulse, urine, and alvine secretions natural, and, I may say, most of them were fit to be discharged to their duty before those on the tonic plan were able to leave their beds. If this be tenable I think we are approaching the cause of rheumatism, and may possibly class it with gout under the term"Lithajmia." Now in regard to the results of these affections Garrod says that in all cases of gout you have a diseased condition of the kidneys, and it is well known that one finds a small amount of uric acid and urates in the urine in cases of gout due to this diseased condition, and consequently one naturally expects that this uric acid and urates will make their appearance somewhere, which always occurs frequently, but not always, in the joints; but in the case of rheumatism the kidneys are not diseased, and hence you do not have a deficiency of uric acid and urates in the urine, but an excess, and consequently you would not look for uric acid in the blood or deposits of urates or biurates in the joints or elsewhere, because the kidneys being active and healthy are able in time to carry them off, so that this distinction between gout and rheumatism, in regard to uric acid in the blood, and biurates of soda in the joints, is explained by the condition of the kidneys. There was a blackness around the eye, from the rupture of the smaller vessels.


The causes of mijn somnambulism are very obscure; and the principal indication of of the somnambulist, that he cannot get out of it during sleep; and to avoid sappers, as well as all bodily and mental excitement. The examination of the kidney showed a chronic interstitial nephritis of a moderately severe grade, in which the hemorrhagic tendency was well marked. In the GENERAL PATHOLOGICAL EFFECTS OF IMPERFECT AERATION OF The celebrated French physiologist, Bichat, was the first who drew the attention of physicians to any satisfactory knowledge of the pathological effects of imperfect arterialization of the blood. Goldsmith's Genius and Industry; the former of whom was remarkable for beingj seen with brilliant eye and light step, starting behind Industry in the ascent of the hill of science. I do not believe that a normal salt solution will dissolve sili'ca. The records of the Health Department of New York City have shown this in a very striking way. The luetin test was, however, positive. If we now proceed to the"consideration of the method and of the antigen for the production or increase of active immunity, we may take it for granted that in tuberculosis we desire the antibacterial form, and with others we accept the fact that the body substances of the tubercle bacillus are necessary for its production. The osteoblasts swept from the bone through the rent and carried by the blood stream to the side wall of the aneurysm formed plates or plaques of bone upon it, though they be entirely disassociated from both the bone and the periosteum.

He vvas inclined in such cases to trust more to the effects of friction and motion of the different joints for restoring the ligaments and bones to the natural position, and the tendons also. As this is considered an unusual condition, in a primipara at least, I think it is worth calling to the attention of the Society. Those molecules that, to a given parasite, are most easily digested will be the first to suffer and all cells of the body in varying degree.

Instead of the activity of the motor nerves of the uterus being primarily increased, it is the sensitive nerves which are inordinately excitable, and their irritation consequently acts througli reflexion upon The question, in what manner the neuralgite are explained accoidiug to this doctrine of the conibination of nervous activities, must have already- forced itself upon the attentive reader of the above pages. A long time after, a fragment of the bone exfoliated. Its taste is at first acrid, and afterwards very hot and pungent ( Hodgson, of Birmingham, invented an instrument for this purpose.

This, like most surmises, was very far from the actual fact. After the lapse of perhaps thirty minutes I succeeded in delivering the child dead, after which I had little trouble in delivering the placenta. It is more accurate than the method of boiling the urine and adding a few drops of nitric acid, and not so delicate as the trichloracetic acid, or the mercurial mixture. In this condition I subjected him to a treatment of spermine injections, with the following effect: After five injections he could easily rise and stand with his heels and toes closed, without tumbling.