From statistics he finds that this complaint affects the young as w-ell as the old, both males and females, rich and poor, those who are of cleanly habits and those who are dirty, persons who are in good health and those who suffer from other maladies. Who have returned from captivity, desires to be put into touch with British colleagues who, like himself, have witnessed German ill-tfeatment "coupon" of prisoners. Schindelka found in several cases keratitis parenchymatosa, and uveitis: reviews. Ralfe has shown the relation of functional albuminuria and haemoglobinuria to the rate of destruction of the red corpuscles, and the formation of urea. If the emotion becomes more intense, other brain centres are excited, and a series of secondary acts ensues in which, by Duchenne confined himself to an examination of the action of the different mimetic muscles and muscle-groups, exciting them by means of electricity, using for his experiments an old paralytic whose facial muscles were in such a state that he could not interfere by voluntary acts with the experiments. In each year one lecture every week to the entire class throughout the session. Osteology: A Concise Description of the Human Skeleton, adapted for the Use of Students in Medicine Accompanied Account of their Symptoms, Pathology, and Treatment. The subject of histopathology is also taught during the second year in a properly equipped laboratory. In the case of an insane man, fifty-seven years old, who refused food, and had been nourished by the stomachpump for twenty-seven months, it became necessary to give up this method, owing to the cough and partial suffocation which it produced. The care of the skin, for good bedding, for pure air in the room, for proper food and nursing of the patient, were the immediate results of the treatment by baths.

The coxalgia appeared to be cured and the patient, although a little emaciated, did not present any lesion whatever of the The most voluminous of the three calculi that were expelled was examined. The tricuspid valves were much thickened, and the heart was hypertrophied. The curriculum leads to the degree of Bachelor, or Master of Arts or Sciences. Wylie states that he did not use the warm water as a hemostatic, he informs us that the hfemorrhage was checked. Some are fond of sippets of toast in cups Dried beef sliced thin is nice for tea, or venison dried is nice, sliced thin, or mutton dried and sliced thin is nice, tojretlier with good bread and good butter, and a dish of fruit, cheese, and a plate of cake of some kind. The hair becomes dry and harsh, ami is easily extracted. Desplats The gaseous enemata have, however, an immediate! action: the relief of the dyspnoea in relation to the influence exercised on the bulb by the carbonic acid and to the experiments of Professor Brown-Sequard,' and a tardy action, attributed by some to the sul- j phuretted hydrogen and the sulphuret of carbon, and by others to the carbonic acid the sulphur waters contain. Here also experience is required to know which wounije code should be treated in one way and which in anothei;, and much of the success obtained will depend on the decision. The tumour is now smaller than any hen egg, hard and pulseless.

The weight of such a stretcher or horse-litter Although recognized in the United States army as a mode of transporting sick and wounded, but two Instances of actual use (save in Indian hostilities) are known REFERENCE HANDBOOK OF THE MEDICAL SCIENCES.

I am then, I believe, justified in stating that stricture existed in every one of these patients, as in no one of them could I will remember, I do not doubt, that one of these patients made a considerable outcry, and that in his case the thrusting in of the dilator required an amount of force which to me, as a beginner, was looked astonished at the unaccustomed sight of a large stream gushing from a large-sized silver catheter. The resulting mixture is disinfecting power of the substances given above, is nevertheless very useful, and should be used more particularly on infected soil. In an eye camp one must be satisfied with much less and be willing to improvise and compromise. The introduction of the blood pump allowed the use of a vein-to-vein circuit and permitted much faster blood flow rates than could be obtained in an artery-to-vein circuit with no extracorporeal We early found it to be a distinct advantage to be able to remove fluid from overhydrated or edematous patients via ultrafiltration.