MeGrath said that his object was to study the advances accomplished by notable German physicians in the treatment of cancer. Hiccough now supervened, which proved exceedingly troublesome throughout the case.

Since the central auditory path of each side receive impulses from both ears, lesion of the colliculus on one side may dull the hearing on both sides, though the opposite ear is usually the more defective. Pay - in this, as in many other respects, he stands and will stand for many Inasmuch as he had ignored the decision of the Supreme Court, there was no opportunity to contest Morton's assumption of power until the Fourth of July was celebrated by Lee's retreat from Gettysburg, and Pemberton's surrender of Vicksburg. He had a few gun-shot wounds to treat, also several knife wounds; he did three major amputations, two of them he performed unassisted with morphine as the sole anesthetic, as there was no one who could give a general anesthetic, and the He had experience in every branch of the profession, for he had to deal with the old, the young, male and female, not to mention a few operations on the mine mules which were injured and had to be sewed up.

A few words are necessary with regard to the clothing suitable for a Florida winter. The favorable termination of this case has been especially gratify ing to me. I have sometimes suspected that the extreme atony permits the introduction of air by the catheter, and thus favours putrefactive changes in the urine. The parts were much swollen, and painful to the touch, and the woman was undergoing the most on, he introduced his two fingers under the edge of the os uteri, and when the pain came on, gently raised them.

Schedule and usually finds plenty to do teaching two courses. Restriction was, of course, necessary, but it cannot be gainsaid that it It is one thing to make a health law and another to enforce it. What, then, are the indications for trcphinmg early in severe injury to the skull? I. The whole matter was well summed up by a weary traveler, who I think those that travel'em should turn out and gravel'em." In the early days, the construction of durable roads except by the State or National government was not considered.

There is no dangerous rise of blood-pressure nor increased tendency to bleeding.

The committee would have been well pleased had a larger number of scholarships been available, in order that they might have increased the number of selected candidates, for among the applications were many of a very promising kind, relating to proposed work of an extremely interesting and valuable character, and from candidates of high attainments, working in the laboratories of some of the most eminent of British professors. After a fight of an hour and a half, during which the Indianola was rammed seven times, she was run ashore bill in a sinking condition. Valves healthy except the mitral, which were somewhat thickened at their edges. There was nothing essentially significant in the fact that a fall of blood-pressure could be produced by intravenous injections; for depressor substances seem to be widely distributed, and the fact that a tissue yields potent substances to the chemist's manipulation by no means proves that normally they have a physiologic function or pathologic significance.

The result, however, is, in any case, considering that the picture was taken at least twenty-five years ago, very remarkable. It of the land-g;rant institutions, before the high schools enrolled as Tlie increase in the number of high-school teaching positions has iDlleges should drastically curtail their general program of teacher preparation, there is reason to believe that they should devote conaderable attention to significant current tendencies. I have found the bowels to act after a few days' rest, when croton oil had failed to produce an evacuation. It is a serious condition, and often proves fatal.