The amount of impurities present"was found by chemical analysis to be greater than in a crowded theatre or in smoking cars, and three times as great as in the public schools of Boston and Philadelphia." In two class-rooms, the amount of carbonic acid present in the air was twice as great as that in the pit of two of the worst-ventilated London theatres near the close of the performance.

Wheat, of all the grains, contains gluten most largely in proportion to its other constituents. Slice, and boil in one quart of water for an hour; add salt to the taste, and cut up toast to soak in it. The scleral rim was quite sharply defined; diopters distant.

Coleman Longan, cancer Richmond, neuropsychiatrist; Dr. Kretzschmar's observation during the given by Dr. Yet late in the disease it may come on, and the malady pass off, in the language of the patient, by a bad cold in the head. Barton, lo get I found he was determined to give me all the Iroublt he could, and if pojMible to defeat my getting a patent, and I intimated that I should go with my complaint to Mr.

It contained no more than twenty inmates, who were termed j)risoners; and of these, six only were maintained at the expen'ie of the charity-. This certificate also states that mercurial thermometers increase their readings with age, and during the first year as much as one degree. It requires prompt attention to save life, by leeches or cupping. Imperfect development of the brain in the foetus. The principal object in the treatment of this accident is, to remedy the displacement or drawing upward of the upper fragment of the bone, which takes place in consequence of the muscles of the thigh, with which it is connected, being set free from the counteracting power of their attachment to the upj)er part of the bone of the leg, their common tendon, in which the knee-cap is imbedded, being torn through, as well as the bone.

For method of construction of this brace, he referred to his original patient was now taken while in a horizontal position on The idea that there was any extension was a false one.

There remains, however, for consideration, the effect of mechanical impediments to the circulation of the blood in the neck, connected either with clothing, or with those muscular movements of which the part under consideration possesses so wide a range. It comes the nearest to being a cause where certain forms of dust are constantly inhaled, which act (in one way at least) by reducing the tone and resistance of the lungs themselves, and so predispose to the pulmonary localization and activity of already existing infection, or a fresh infection. I have twice seen this condition in an extreme grade throughout pulmonary apoplexy.

We think it quite probable that all the true animal virus now being propagated in this country has descended from that originally introduced by spontaneous cow-pox was observed at Cohasset, a small town in Massachusetts.

Psychoanalysis is a lengthy procedure, not applicable to all cases, to be practiced for by the highly trained in that field. Then) may, for instance, be a marked difference between tho right and left nulial, both in volume and time.

If food has been taken at all in excess, it should be reduced, and the allowance of animal food especially, moderated, malt liquor of every kind being sedulously avoided. When awake, the brow is contracted; the nose is continu ally picked; and the child, if able to speak, complains of the head, which is hot. Still less justifiable is interference with cases upon which a medical man is The quacks, whose sole object is gain, are divisible into those who sell some nostrum, and those who profess to investigate and The quack medicine, sold as such under that it is difficult to imagine any persons being sufficiently credulous to employ them; others are more circumscribed in their professions, but yet, as far as they go, are advertised as infallibles. - mortimer Fox as Assistant to the President has been announced by Mr. Between these two extremes there are many diiferent grades and a careful electrical The duration varies from a few days to weeks or months. They occur in the secondary stage as small, shallow excavations with the mucous patches. The accidents which may follow the of iize of the tumor, and rupture, gangrene of the tumor, and gangrene of the limb. Lock, Head of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, presented a paper at the meeting of the Missouri State Medical Association in Kansas City on Dr. Any pulsation which may exist, at once disappears if the artery above be compressed, but at that time the bulk of the tumor remains unchanged; the skin over it may be distended, thinned, sometimes inflamed, or even surrounded by a gangrenous spot; pain may be felt in the tumor, or in the limb beyond it, the subcutaneous veins are sometimes varicosed, the limb more or less oedematous, benumbed, and Symptoms so numerous and so characteristic would appear to be sufficient in all cases to prevent mistake, yet unfortunately how (ifteu liave aneurismal tumors been mistaken for abscess, and opened by an incision which has quickly caused the death of the patient! It is an error which can scarcely hapj)en when the tumor is small, because the pulsation of the tumor, so characteristic, that we cannot doubt of its nature. Fhck's discussion which relates to his statement that the reduction in the mortahty for the whole State which my chart shows is due to the reduction in the death-rate in Philadelphia brought about by the Philadelphia Hospital caring for the advanced cases. The symptoms are those "" of spinal tumor or meningitis. When well estal)lished tlie course of tuberculosis in any organ is nuirked by intervals of weeks or nu)ntlis in wliich the fever lessens, the symptoms subsidi', and tlii'i'( is improvement in the general health.