Thus it becomes evident that surface temperature unless controlled with great accuracy becomes a variable which is far from precise. Two years after first attack of twitching of face, had a general convulsion of left side; was lying asleep at the time, and attack lasted only a few ijiinutes; did not wake up. It passes through definite phases, which may be best described separately, as they form Before any perceptible alteration has taken place in the ordinary habits or condition of the animal, the thermometer to two days, and does not descend to any extent until the end of the eruptive period. Treatment by hot applications, morphine, and mild aperients allayed these symptoms; and The abdomen measured forty inches round the umbilicus. This cicatrization is probably due to a check in the progress of the malady, and to an effort of the organism to repair the effects of the disease; though it does not in any way indicate a perfect recovery, the chancre being merely the most superficial and characteristic expression of the diathesis, and not the fundamental lesion.

The intermediate degree of"cretinous" may be wanting, but only in exceptional cases. The error, if on my part, is due to a deficiency rectified by re-calculation, but it is equally Ukely to be on the other side. He now introduced the two tubes of a Gooch's double cannula, crossing them like the letter Xi and washed out the pleural cavity with tepid water containing Condy's fluid, using an Indiarubber tube as a siphon. Continued treatment and advised beginning to practise moderately every day, in the morning and afternoon, Third visit, two days later. M., Special Report of the Census Office on Mines and Quarries, Transactions of the American Institute of Mining Engineers, published at New WORKS OF REFERENCE ON PETROLOGY AND (Prepared by courtesy of Prof. There are mehods of"registering" the faradic current, but there is no known way for measuring it in definite units and administering an exact The unit of emanation is the curie, from one gram of pure this is all right as a matter of physics and based on radium in activities difficult to.measure. When the patient begins to realize this, it will be an incentive to make speedier progress and leave off more than the system can stand and thus disturb the adequate physiological balance. A patient whose pain is relieved by a placebo has experienced as true relief from pain as that patient given morphine. Making searches in a foreign land can readily be carried out, and unpublished cases may often be more easily obtained than in our own country.

The skin of the feet should be carefully bathed daily, dried gently, and anointed with lanolin to prevent scaling and cracking. The plan adopted is as follows. Cauterisation of the first and extirpation of the second produced a suffered for many years with nasal catarrh and frontal piin. There was this in favour of the operation, that, if the patients many might have lived with the disease who were cut off by the operation. In recumbency, the ptosed organs of the severe arthritic are spared their customary drag and are started on the path of relaxation and unhandicapped function. Indeed, in the opinion of the writer the analysis for focal infection in arthritis is almost a specialty within a specialty. Small changes in environmental temperature, the presence of air currents, the humidity and rate of evaporation of the surface moisture are all sources of error which must be controlled. To his eldest son he also leaves his estate at New Sarum. It is the duty of the teacher also to wash the children and rearrange their braces, etc., and advise with the parents regarding the cliildren, and to be helpful in whatever way is possible. The development of such a cover presumes that germs and seeds shall reach the new land area. Report from the Select Committee on protection of infant lite, with proceedings, minutes How infant mortality may be lessened. This he did had decided trismus, with the sardonic grin, but themuscles of deglutition and those of respiration were not yet affected, his intelligence was undisturbed, and there were no paroxysms. The sharp edges should be rounded with a file. Kinyown thinks that, in order to secure absolute protection, the heat should be made greater and the time of exposure increased. The epithelium was in places partially lost, leaving the cutis exposed.

If more than four are necessary, it is understood that the author(s) will be responsible Reprints may be obtained from The Journal office and should be ordered prior to publication. As soon as the general disinfection of the infected stable has been carried out, with a view to purify the atmosphere in it, and the litter and manure has been treated and carried aAvay in the manner already recommended, all the movable woodwork should be taken down, conveyed to a convenient place, and, after having been valued by an expert, burned. Ho knew that I was a physician, but could not recollect niy name, althougli it was mentioned to him a number of times.