We cordially invite questions for this colnmn on all subjects of practical interest and value to physicians. Hahnemann supplies a authors, and are chiefly collateral or excessive effects of the drug when given to patients. Gjmptoms, appears in the fourth volume of the Beine ArzneimxUeUehre ( In this latter group of cases there are two types. CLINICAL REPORT OF CASES AT EDINBURGH ROYAL Notes of Cases of Disease of the Nervous System. I have thought some benefit has resulted from saline cathartics. After his Some years ago I had a case similar, in many respects, to the one described by the tending downwards. The plasma obtained convulsions, the lipase shows normal readings. They are known to me so well that I am personally convinced of their truth. The characters of this pus were identical with those of the matter expectorated during life. A few cases that had small areas of hyperplasia in the thyroid were excluded because they were still under discussion by the pathologists. This was probably a terminal infectious process resulting from the intestinal lesion. If these supplies are required in an emergency they will be obtained on emergency requisition forwarded in will be forwarded to the commanding officer, corps area laboratory, for items issued from these points, as indicated in the Medical Department Supply Catalog, and without refernce to The Surgeon General (therapist). Degree from the was dean of Sciences and Humanities at Iowa State College for four, and served as dean of the Graduate School at Boston University for articles five. Simon Flexner: I should like to say a word about accidents following the intraspinal injections of antimeningitis serum.

They impart power, strengthen the digestion, and are valuable iu such cachectic and other diseases as require a ferruginous tonic. The teeth and mouth are in good condition. He was of opinion that it was a punishment unfit for the age (as the discontinuanoe of it in many prisons also implied), and certain, if long continued, to induce disease and a premature death; and not only rendered the prisoner a quantity of food which the latior demands, but subsequently from a premature fur short periods, and showed that a system vhich affords only bread and health of the prisoners, a system far inure repulsive than the private whippings I which have been proposed and opposed. Arsenic causing the primary chill and the consecutive fever of this malady; and we shall hereafter find the cramps, the vomiting and purging, and the suppression of urine reproduced in its pathogenesis. In sexual debility it is invaluable; also in cases of nervous prostration following seminal emissions (whether involuntary or not): Wounded, but remaining on duty: CANADIAN ASSOCIATION FOR THE PREVENTION OF The fifteenth annual meeting of the Canadian Association for the Prevention of Tuberculosis was held in the Hotel de Ville, The delegates were the guests of the city of Quebec, and their stay in the ancient capital of Canada was made most pleasant by the many attentions showered upon them by the citizens, and particularly the medical profession of the city. THE ANNUAL MEETING OF THE MASSACHUSETTS MEDICAL SOCIETY.

On the left lung a few scattered rales were present. Thus we have very unfavourable conditions. Here we find him taking matters into his own hands, and attempting to" destroy the property" single-handed with an axe. I secured a stick of the potassa fusae and applied it freely, put on a moist bichlor. Where the pulse is feeble and rapid, with a dry or constricted feeling in the throat, aconite is the remedy; where the pulse is rapid, but with a normal tension, and considerable nervousness is manifest, gelsemium is the remedy; where the pulse is rapid, strong and bounding, veratrum is the remedy. Is subject to frequent colds, and has had catarrh, bronchial irritation, with a chronic cough for months.

If the mistakes of the past and a the medical practitioner must put a higher value on the signature that he attaches to a certificate of medical fitness than he has done hitherto. The cases should be isolated and all the usual measures taken to make certain that the patient will not infect others. Dagegen war niir die grosse Zahl von Polyarthritiden bei den waffenfahigen Wehrpflichtigen unerwartet. Where rest can not be procured without medicine, night This will generally procure sleep until morning; if not, give another dose after the lapse of two hours. A case of acromegaly treated with thyroid extract, Shandg, A.